Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Volume 12 Afterword, Character Sheets and Credits


I’m sure that as children, many people must have wished for August to be sixty days long when they were doing their holiday homework while their parents scolded them, or when they flipped through the calendar in August.

Maruyama has always been that way. He thought that way when he forgot to do his homework and had to raise his hand up on the first day of school in September.

However, this time, I made it real!

My childhood dream came true! Maruyama wanted to become an adult like this in the past, and now it’s become reality! Oh what a wonderful thing!

Everyone’s — I guess I should stop here. Spouting these pointless excuses to drag things out won’t help things.

Therefore, while it was slightly delayed, we managed to publish the book at last. Well, this ought to be within the margin of error. No, the truth is that it was because a lot of things happened. Seriously, there were a lot of them both good and bad.

Speaking of which, Maruyama bought several ebooks while in hospital, ebooks are really great! I didn’t expect them to be handy. I think it would be good for Overlord to have an ebook version. Therefore, I have decided to convert Overlord into a digital format. As I thought, there are many things that humans won’t understand if they don’t try them out. Similarly, if you are not involved in a situation, there’s many things you won’t understand about it.

Incidentally, while this is offtopic, the ebooks I read were manga, specifically love comedies.

Now then, last of all, I need to thank a lot of people. In particular, the people holding this book, as well as a certain hospital.

I’ll be glad if I can meet you again in the next volume. Thank you very much, everyone.

September 2017
Maruyama Kugane


JP > CN:

CN > EN editors:

John Doe
Rain Storm
Deus Ex Machina

EN Character Sheet Typesetting and General Image Manipulation:


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  1. Mhh Mhh Mhh!! sweet sweet characters~ pleasure to my eyes <3

  2. Just made a PDF version if anyone want:

    1. I love the BLACK EDITION. Was it you who did the previous BLACK EDITION before? Thank you so much!

    2. Does this have the intermission? Although I still am not quite sure if that is real or not lol

    3. hmm missing the Holly Queen in the character explanation

  3. Thanks nigel, see you in volumen 13!

  4. Calca's sheet incomplete. Should have Master Weapon-----lv.?

  5. such an amazing job, its unreal! ty.

  6. Thanks to everyone who worked hard to bring us this great novel! :)

  7. Awesome thank you very very very much

  8. Calca's missing something, where's her club level?

  9. I was really disappointed with what Demure did to Calca... the gore & gruesomeness was unexpected and not required.
    Hope she can be revived.

    1. Maybe after this she'll be revived by Ains sama & become his secret wife of Holy Kingdom. Heh heh

    2. I think Ainz will save her and will defeat the Jalbaoth

  10. Help im confused here i have read all this and love it but when i looked up volume 12 i also found another overlord story and its called Volume 12: The Two Monsters witch one is the right vol 12 the holy queen in the 2 monsters one has wings and they fly dragons to there kingdom what ones is the right one ?????

  11. Thanks for translating this! Overlord is one of my favorite series and it is great fun to read. The novel took a rather different direction than I imagined but it is nice to have a change of pace every now and then.
    Please keep up the good work :)

  12. Filled with gratitude towards Maruyama and all the crew responsible for the translations posted here I've been reading Overlord these few past days... and I gotta say: you're AWESOME guys!!!

  13. Ah, but I wonder... does anybody have any information about the release (and translation) of the next volume?