Friday, October 13, 2017

Overlord Movie Theater Manner subs!

Erika Furudo does it again by subbing the pre-film theater manners clip. This .ass is for popping cherries Film 2's theater manners clip, but it is essentially the same as that of Film 1 (Albedo just says "Undead King" instead of "Dark Hero" in her opening spiel).

Also, Erika Furudo has gone and uploaded it to Youtube.

Still, no point letting a good ass or two go to waste.


  1. Replies
    1. yep it's her (or supposed to be, as her blond hair is too bleached)
      pay special attention to her lifebuoy (with "MMN" abbreviation which obviously referring to a certain someone)


    2. Evileye, Keeno is just a ficción character

    3. keeno is her real name given by the author himself

  2. *just noticing Gagaran's state*

    so much for Lakyus's butt and EE's thigh
    *MY EYES*

    (gagaran you as*hole)

  3. still in pastebin , i want to re read edited vol 12

  4. Vol 1-13 END. :P
    http ://