Monday, January 9, 2017

Overlord Manga v6 Drama CD

I have just obtained the CN script for the Manga v6 Drama CD. I expect to finish in a couple of days, whereupon I'll dump my draft here. (Typesetting may take a while longer)


I have finished the preliminary draft for the script. I will be working on formatting the lines for proper subbing over the next couple of days.


Torrent for the Drama CD:

And credits:

Original JP => CN: leveach and 滿綠

Editing: Skythewood
Audio: Countermeasure 01, Mysterious Imouto X, Pythma
Typesetting/Timing/Etc: Mr. Shy

Thank you very much, and see you in August (or whenever BMG picks up again).


GDrive link just in case.