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In Norse cosmology, it was the world tree, rooted deep in the earth and stretching to the heavens, uniting the nine worlds with its majestic branches. Heaven unfolded around it, the gods gathered around it, and it was the centerpiece of all creation.

In the real world, it was a DMMO-RPG, which rose from many game servers and extended into the minds of its millions of players. Yet it was more than a game; it was more like a digital multiverse, containing nine virtual worlds of fantastic creatures and landscapes.

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v11 Afterword and Character Sheets


This is Volume 11, the longest one of all. Did it excite you? Books get tiring to carry when they’re heavy and I’d like to avoid that, so why did it end up so long… And if I were to cut pages, where should I cut from? By the way, this has already been heavily cut down from the original proofreading. It feels like there were at least six more pages before… Hm. I guess there wasn’t much of a change, after all.

v11 Credits

JP => CN Baidu Translator Team

CN => EN Light Novel Team
Translator: Nigel
Editors: Skythewood, Deus Ex Machina, Cwilliams, ? (he's shy), John Doe, CEOBrainz

JP => CN Pure Pure Pleiades
Video Source: 黑轮
Translator: zzz水货, 双人鱼中二
Editors: 我在厕所吃撑了, 三十十, 破晓の晨議
Typesetters:  F宅
Timer: 酒浆

CN => EN Pure Pure Pleiades
Translator: Nigel
Editors: Skythewood, John Doe
Typesetter/Timer/Do Everything Else Guy: ?  (he's shy)

Character Sheets
Translator: Nigel
Typesetter: Riskyanon
Editors: yuNS, SifaV6

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v11 epilogue


It was morning when Enri woke up. She quietly left the bed, so as not to wake her husband who was still asleep beside her. The air outside was very cold, and it made her want to get back into the bed that was still warm from their two bodies.

v11 Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Frost Dragon Lord


It was the next morning. Ainz had decided to set out early to take back the former Dwarven Capital, Feoh Berkanan, but just as he was about to leave, a familiar face appeared at the door.

It was Gondo.

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Pure Pure Pleiades: The OVA

So the Baidu people did a CN sub of the OVA; I went over it in my spare time and a few kind people helped to edit and typeset the script.

Torrents are here.

Translator: Nigel
Editors: Skythewood, John Doe
Typesetter/Timer/Do Everything Else Guy: ?  (he's shy)

v11 Chapter 4

Chapter 4: A Craftsman and Negotiation



The two summoned Death Knights vanished from the other side of the gates. They roared in anticipation of joyful slaughter, while the cries of the dying rang out. Once the gates slowly closed, the thickness of the double doors meant that the sounds of carnage on the other side did little more than tickle the eardrums.

v11 Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The Impending Crisis



The Great Rift.

It referred to the huge chasm that ran along the western side of the Dwarven Capital, Feoh Gēr.

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v11 Intermission



He walked to the balcony, a glass of amber liquid in his hand.

The balcony was located on the tallest building in this city. From here, he could see the city which he ruled.

v11 Chapter 2

Chapter 2: In Pursuit of the Land of the Dwarves



Shalltear and Aura gathered at the lakeside near the Lizardman village, accompanied by their  hand-picked followers.

V11 Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Preparing for the Unknown Land



After returning from the Empire, Ainz sat at his desk in E-Rantel and leaned heavily against the back of his chair.

While he had already begun recruiting for the newly-founded Adventurer’s Guild of the Sorcerous Kingdom, it would take quite some time before the results could be seen. Until then, he would have to amply prepare himself.

V11 runes

As you know, the Dwarves in Overlord use runes. One of the CN translators did some digging and found that the JP names for the four Dwarven cities correspond to actual RL runes.

All the Dwarven city names start with フェオ - Feoh/Fehu, which roughly means (mobile) wealth, like cattle, sheep and the like. Probably named for prosperity.

The former Dwarven Capital is ベルカナ - Berkanan/Beorc, which means Birch.

The current Dwarven Capital is ジュラ - Jeran/Gēr, which means Harvest, or a (good) year.

The abandoned city to the south where Ainz found Gondo is ライゾ - Raido/Rad, which means ride, or journey.

Finally, the ruined Dwarven city is  テイワ - Tiwaz, which corresponds to the rune for the god Tyr.

Many thanks to 黒輪-san for this information.