Saturday, October 8, 2016

V11 runes

As you know, the Dwarves in Overlord use runes. One of the CN translators did some digging and found that the JP names for the four Dwarven cities correspond to actual RL runes.

All the Dwarven city names start with フェオ - Feoh/Fehu, which roughly means (mobile) wealth, like cattle, sheep and the like. Probably named for prosperity.

The former Dwarven Capital is ベルカナ - Berkanan/Beorc, which means Birch.

The current Dwarven Capital is ジュラ - Jeran/Gēr, which means Harvest, or a (good) year.

The abandoned city to the south where Ainz found Gondo is ライゾ - Raido/Rad, which means ride, or journey.

Finally, the ruined Dwarven city is  テイワ - Tiwaz, which corresponds to the rune for the god Tyr.

Many thanks to 黒輪-san for this information.


  1. Awesome! Thanks for the tidbit of information. :)

  2. I always find it funny that dwarves are associated with germanic folklore and or culture, whereas the best smiths of antiquity were the celts who used ogham. On the other hand humans are associated with the Roman/latin culture through the cities' design and the arts, but their civic and military codes clearly belong to medieval/modern Germanic doctrine. I guess because it's fantasy it deepens the experience :D

    Anyways, you have 3 main types of Germanic runes, elder futhark, the original one, then the younger futhark and the futhork which where derived. Have a read on wikipedia if you're interested. Also bindrunes are cool.

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