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In Norse cosmology, it was the world tree, rooted deep in the earth and stretching to the heavens, uniting the nine worlds with its majestic branches. Heaven unfolded around it, the gods gathered around it, and it was the centerpiece of all creation.

In the real world, it was a DMMO-RPG, which rose from many game servers and extended into the minds of its millions of players. Yet it was more than a game; it was more like a digital multiverse, containing nine virtual worlds of fantastic creatures and landscapes.

The YGGDRASIL developers wanted to inculcate the love of exploration into its players, and so they filled their worlds with beautiful vistas, secret locations and other impressive sights, in the hopes of enticing players to plumb the mysteries of the world they had made. In addition, they took a hands-off approach to player activities, affording them almost limitless freedom in their actions within the game world. Together, these two factors meant that players could experience the game in any way they liked.

Even the process of creating one's player character was a complex minigame in itself, seeing as one had hundreds of player races and thousands of character classes to choose from. Just about every sort of species and role was reflected in that selection, and the way that the character-building system was set up practically forced players to diversify and experiment with the way in which they made their avatars. As such, the most bizarre entities of YGGDRASIL were often not the monsters, but the players themselves.

However, like any good game, it was not a static thing of code. The lack of official oversight meant that players formed their own communities and cliques, which in turn made them more meaningful to the people who had made them. In addition, there were readily-available creator tools on the cash shop. Those allowed players to create and upload their own content, thus allowing them to shape their characters and little corners of the world to their liking. In this sense, it was the players and not the developers who were the true makers of YGGDRASIL, much like how a city was as much the people as the buildings in which they lived.

With all these factors in mind, was there any wonder why YGGDRASIL was the most popular DMMO-RPG of its generation? Anybody could hook up their cortex bridge or nanotrode net and immediately enter a world of fantasy, beyond the banal reality of daily life. It was a place where even the lowest dregs of society could wield world-shattering firepower, where people could recreate a blue and pure world lost to the grinding gears of industry, or where those who loved ancient shows of masked heroes could indulge their desires to jump in and save the day.

Yes, YGGDRASIL was a shared dream, born from the hearts and minds of those who made it and those who played it.

But like all dreams, it had to come to an end.


Asgard - The Upper Boughs

Each of the nine worlds of Norse mythology were represented in YGGDRASIL; fiery Muspelheim, fertile Midgard, gloomy Helheim, but there were more realms than that within the game. There was Valhalla, a waiting area where players scheduled PVP matches which would in turn be fought on the Plains of Vígríðr. One could compare the spacious void where all players logged in to Ginnungagap, the primordial abyss of ice and fire.

Naturally, the World Tree Yggdrasil qualified as a world unto itself. It stood as tall as a mountain, at the heart of every realm, where it served as an axis mundi -- a connection between the heavens and the earth. Only, in this case, it connected each of the nine worlds, from dreary Hel to soaring Asgard.

Anyone who touched its surface and used the appropriate skill (freely available to anyone who wanted to learn it) would be transported to a corresponding location on their destination world. This skill cost no MP or money or experience to learn, so in theory, it seemed like an ideal transportation method.

In practice, most players preferred to use spells or magic items for inter-world travel.

This was because travelling via Yggdrasil meant that one had to be in its vicinity. Many PKers -- especially those in the more heteromorph-friendly realms such as Niflheim or Helheim -- enjoyed setting ambushes near Yggdrasil and attacking disoriented travellers. Granted, Yggdrasil had a large footprint in all the worlds and there was no guarantee that they would be attacked, but high-level players often had high-level equipment they were attached to, and those articles of gear would drop if they were killed. Thus, many people preferred to use [Plane Shift] to cross over to another world, and then [Greater Teleport] to get where they needed to be.

Of course, not everyone did that. Some players were too low level to afford or cast the necessary spells. Others were roleplayers, who felt that making use of a facility which the developers had provided for them was a flavorful and fun act.

It was probably for the latter reason that the white-clad figure appeared out of thin air, one hand on the dark bark of Yggdrasil.

The other held a staff before it in a defensive stance. It was made of some kind of golden metal and terminated in an eight pointed sunburst with an eye motif in its center. Its body language was so expressive that one could imagine the grim set of its jaw and the intensity of the gaze under the golden mask it wore.

Alertness. Focus. Readiness. 

If someone or something attacked it here, they would not find a defenseless mark.

However, there was no attack. The white-clad figure turned its head, and then its line of sight settled on a motionless stag that seemed curiously at home on the branches of a giant tree.

A distorted snort came from beneath the mask, and then it visibly relaxed.

The stag -- actually a low-level monster called a Child of Dvalinn -- was not moving because it, like all monsters in the game -- had been put on standby mode for the last day of the game. In all likelihood, there was virtually no chance of ambushers hiding around either. The figure's detection spells revealed nothing, and in all likelihood any potential attackers were having fun elsewhere.

The figure straightened up and sighed, the sound coming out as a heavily-modulated voice which sounded like that of a girl's.

"Well, it was only to be expected. The biggest party in YGGDRASIL's happening now; why would anyone try to bushwhack me? Then again, there might be no life kings who just want to make people suffer, even on the last day of the game..."

As its words trailed off, the figure removed its mask, revealing the face of a young lady.

She had long raven hair that she fluffed out by shaking her head. Her skin was a light gray, freckled with black. She was pretty in every sense of the word... well, except for her eye.

Yes, singular. She had only one eye; a big one with a golden sclera that occupied the center of her head, with a vertically slitted red pupil.

Her name was Hitomi Kousen.

In YGGDRASIL, players could pick their character races from three broad groups: the humanoids, the demihumans and the heteromorphs.

Humanoids, as the name suggested, were human-looking races such as dwarves, elves and, of course, humans. They were beings who were most commonly featured as the main characters or supporting cast of a fantasy story. Unlike the other racial groupings, they did not have access to racial classes, but that simply meant that they could take more job classes to compensate.

Then, there were the demihumans, who were races that were still roughly human-looking, but possessed distinctive -- perhaps even monstrous -- features that set them apart from the humanoids. Giants, pixies and trolls were all examples of demihumans. They were either much bigger or smaller than the norm, lived in more hostile regions, or simply looked different.

One thing they all had in common was their access to racial classes, which represented character power that was innate to their bodies and natural talents, as opposed to job classes, which typically represented learned skills. Of course, one acquired them the same way -- by gaining experience points -- but they embodied different play styles.

In general, racial classes gave a steady, always-on power boost, while job classes instead granted potent but limited-use abilities which had to be carefully managed, though skilful application of class abilities could often turn the tide in a dire situation.

In the case of demihumans, they could take levels in racial classes to represent the fact that many demihumans had special abilities which humanoids did not possess, or to show that they were offshoots or mutations of their base race. Trolls were infamous for that; it was often said that there was a troll for every occasion, but there were almost as many variants of giants too, ranging from the comparatively small hill giants to the towering storm giants.

Of course, taking levels in racial classes meant that they could take fewer levels in job classes, but some players enjoyed the idea of being large and in charge, or being able to regenerate, or simply being able to turn invisible and make others dance irresistibly. YGGDRASIL was big enough to accommodate the hopes and dreams of such players.

And then, there were the heteromorphs.

The heteromorphic races in YGGDRASIL could rightfully be called "monstrous player characters". That was because they were, in fact, monsters. There was no iconic selection of heteromorphic species, because one might as well open up the almanac that every player started the game with and randomly flip to a page in the bestiary to find a heteromorphic player character race.

Much like demihumans, heteromorphs had racial classes. Unlike demihumans, theirs were far more potent and varied; in fact, one could compare them to job classes in terms of their depth and variety. Where a magic caster's job classes might go from Wizard to Evoker to Elementalist (Fire), a dragon's racial classes might instead progress from Wyvern to Red Dragon to Hellfire Wyrm. Since most heteromorphs were based on powerful monsters, their racial class levels often granted very high base stats and potent special abilities. However, since YGGDRASIL was a game which balanced advantages with disadvantages, they tended to have corresponding weaknesses as well, such as vulnerabilities to a certain energy or damage type.

Hitomi was one such creature.

Specifically, she was a Gazer. Strictly speaking, she was a higher order of being than an ordinary Gazer, but Gazers were easier to pronounce. They were members of the Floating Eyeball family, which were famous for three things; spherical bodies which flew without the need for wings, many eyestalks, and the ability to emit powerful eye rays.

However, she did not fit the standard body pattern of Gazer-type monsters, because in her own words, "I don't want to look like a floating mass of cancer". Thus, she had used a cash item to change her look, and as a result she had lost the big toothy maw she had originally possessed, though she had retained the eyestalks and natural flight abilities.

As she adjusted her robes, said eyestalks emerged from behind her and through her long, flowing hair, seemingly anchored on her back where a tail would have been attached. They were the same black as her hair, but seemingly made of some sort of segmented, chitinous material. They swiftly arranged themselves all around her, and then their ends flowered open into eyeballs surrounded by an arrangement of petal-like black leaves. Each of them looked like a smaller version of Hitomi's main eye, and they served the same function.

From Hitomi's perspective, ten small windows appeared at the edges of her vision. Each one corresponded to the view supplied by an individual eyestalk, and when put together they allowed Hitomi to see (to some extent) all around her.

Currently, all she saw was the massive branches of the World Tree all around her. The faint sounds of festivity and merry-making filtered up from below, and she remembered why she had come here.

Two weeks ago, the developers had extended an invitation to all players to gather at the Plain of Iðavöllr in YGGDRASIL, at the feet of Yggdrasil, to celebrate the end of the game. Initially, Hitomi had ignored it; she had never been a very social player, after all. However, as the days wore on and the reality of the game's closure sank in, she had changed her mind.

For quite some time now, she had explored and adventured in the game by herself, using summoned monsters and mercenary NPCs for support. She did not actually need them to do what she wanted, but having them around had saved her from more than one ambush, and she could always send them out of the way when she wanted to enjoy the scenery by herself.

But it had never felt right. Knowing that someone was around her built an expectation for companionship, but the fact that the summoned monsters and NPCs could not respond to anything she said dashed that hope. In fact, it only made the feeling of loneliness worse; when people around did not react to her, it was not just solitude she felt, but something like rejection.

Of course, on an intellectual level, she understood the absurdity of how she felt. However, a person's emotions operated in an entirely different mental sphere, and she could not explain that away with any amount of logic.

Thus, when she had packed up from her Muspelheim hideout and come here, she had reached a decision: She would try and spend the last night of YGGDRASIL with others, in the hope of experiencing something she had not felt in a long time:


Hitomi had not always been a solo player. In the past, she had even belonged to a clan. But due to her foolishness, she had said things that should not have been said and done things which were irrevocable. She had left that clan, and it was far too late to regret her foolish decision.

That was the start of her days as an independent adventurer. Then she met some people who seemed friendly enough. They asked her to join them while she was languishing in solitude, and she accepted. However, after spending some time with them, she realised that they were nothing like the clan she had once adventured with, and thus she had left.

After that, she had kept to herself for the most part. She might have partied up with people farming a dungeon, or join in on World-Class Enemy fights, but she never affiliated with any particular grouping of adventurers again. After wronging others and being wronged herself, she had come to the conclusion that being in a group was not for her.

Yet, emptiness remained in Hitomi's heart. She tried to fill it with accomplishments and achievements. She travelled far and wide across the nine worlds, bedecked herself in a panoply of jaw-dropping wonders, claimed one of the legendary World-Class Items, amassed a huge pile of wins in the PVP circuit and through personal PKing, completed difficult dungeons by herself (and a few NPC party-stuffers), challenged fearsome bosses and monsters... she had done all those things that would need an adventuring group by herself.

She held on to the hope of recapturing the same sense of achievement that she had felt in the past.

But she had not. And the reason for that was obvious. The line of reasoning which fuelled her motivation was fundamentally flawed.

The whole point of accomplishing something in a team, of banding together in dire circumstances to achieve a goal through mutual effort, was that one was doing it in a team. There had to be people around to banter and joke with, to point out things that one would never have thought of, sharing joy and sorrow in a meeting of minds and hearts.

For all that Hitomi had tried to replicate the form of the thing, she had utterly failed to capture its essence. And because of that, no matter what she did, that hollow sensation remained within her; a feeling of it's just not the same and there must be something more.

If faces in YGGDRASIL could show expressions, perhaps one might see hers droop in dejection as that realization slowly sank in.

Only now, at the end, do I understand.

Nothing she had done meant anything without people to share them with. Those days, the ones when she had been happiest, were gone forever.

That point was only driven further home when she came to the edge of the branch she stood upon, and looked down upon the merrymakers below.

A quick glance at the time revealed: [11:53:49].

The Plain of Iðavöllr spread below her, bathed in the light of the full moon above. There were several large pyres below, turning the people around them into elongated, dancing shadows.

Most of the people down there were humans or human-like creatures. They fired off cash item fireworks and other novelty items with wild abandon (they would be useless after tonight, after all). They flashed weird emoticons at each other, sharing strange jokes which rocked their groups with laughter, and so on.

GMs flitted between the groups, taking pictures and making amusing changes to people; an otherwise unthinkable abuse of power, forgiven because they would soon cease to matter.

But when she looked closer, there were also creatures like goblins, orcs and giants sharing in the festivities with them. Dwarves, the mortal enemies of the jotunn, rode on giant shoulders, while orcs and elves line-danced in the firelight, to the accompaniment of satyrs' pan pipes. Beings which would normally have killed each other on sight instead joined hands in the twilight hours of the game.

Further away, there was a gelatinous cube bouncing halflings up and down its polymorphic surface, while a graveknight posed for pictures with the clerics and paladins who should have destroyed it. Hitomi even saw a gazer -- like herself, but untransformed -- giving rides to and shaking eyestalks with people.

I should go down there, she thought. And indeed, she had already stepped off the edge of the branch, preparing to descend through the power of her innate flight abilities... but then she stopped.

It was true that she might be welcomed if she stepped into the firelight. Even if there were old enemies present, they would probably let bygones be bygones in the last few minutes of the game.

But she knew that deep inside, she would not feel comfortable there. She had avoided contact with others for so long that any attempt at pretending to fit in would be just that -- pretending. There would be no connection there, none of the emotional involvement she sought. Worse, seeing others revel in their friendship and realizing that it would never be hers would hurt even more.

Thus, instead of descending, she rose, flying on silent wings.

She did not put her mask on, because she did not care who saw her. She returned her staff to her inventory, because she did not intend to fight.

Hitomi's eye looked up to the disc of the moon as she ascended.

It was now [11:54:33]

Seeing the moon up there brought back an old memory... a dream, perhaps. The desire to soar in the skies above Asgard, and look down upon the world in all its glory.

Her old group had fallen apart after she left it, so by the time she regretted her mistake and thought to ask for forgiveness, it was too late. All she had left were the faded memories of bygone days.

Hitomi smiled. Those had been good times.

Maybe that's why I did this, she thought. At the very least, I can fulfil one last wish before everything is over.

One thing they had always wanted to do was fly over Asgard and look down upon the world from its highest point. But dungeons and other obligations kept getting in the way, and then she had fucked up and that was the end of it.

Nothing she could do now could bring those days -- or those friends -- back, but she had long resigned herself to that fact. She knew this was an empty gesture, but she wanted to make it regardless.


Before long, she hit Asgard's skybox, the boundary which marked the upper limit of the world. The full moon still loomed overhead, but she knew that it was merely a virtual illusion; as ephemeral as the shooting star which flashed through the starry sky above her.

Even so, Hitomi made a wish upon that star.

I wish I could experience those days again.

It was foolishness, she knew. There was no shooting star to begin with, and even if there was, what were the odds that a distant astronomical phenomena could warp reality on her behalf?

Despite her attempts to rationalize it away, however, the hope -- the prayer -- in Hitomi's heart remained.

She looked down, and gasped. Asgard was every bit as beautiful as she had imagined. Perhaps the shroud of night had covered up parts of the scenery, but points of light danced in the darkness like fireflies; signs of life and activity, dusting the landscape that was gently lit by the glow of the moon.

Everyone, it's beautiful, she thought. I wonder if you managed to see something like this on your own.

Trails of sparks rose from the ground as that thought crossed Hitomi's mind. She focused on them --- not hard, considering the visual acuity of gazers -- and saw that they were fireworks. Some of them seemed to be heading right at her, and she wondered - are they aiming for me?

Not that it mattered. Everything would be over soon.

It was almost a relief.


Hitomi closed her eyes, counting down the moments to midnight, and the server shutdown. The soft thump of bursting comet shells came from beneath her, and she knew more would follow.


Then, the first fireworks burst near Hitomi, swallowing her in a bubble of blinding light. Of course, this was a game, and she felt nothing since it was not programmed to do damage. But to onlookers, it would look like she had disappeared into the light, and the thought was oddly gladdening.


Goodbye, everyone, she thought.


If only--


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  3. could it be she is the one who killed ainz, just like what lupus said to enri that ainz died

    1. Calm down...
      This death of Ainz what Lupus said is nothing more but a plan of Demiurge and Ainz-sama masquerading himself, trying baiting the big and small fish in the deep sea.
      This player looking at her personal reason, she is more like into adventuring than dealing a guild. Everyone has there personal desire. Ainz's desire is to be with his friends again. While Hitomi's desire is to explore the unknown and have continuous adventure like her old days. Maybe another one into Ainz's harem (just saying).

    2. This facifc is just a fanfic. Nothing to do with th actual overlord series.

    3. Ssssh... You should not tell everyone about it.
      You're also revealing Nigel's hidden base too.

  4. O-M-G...
    Momonga is not alone after all in the the New World...

    1. It's not surprising. Considering that the game YGGDRASIL is a huge place and most players other than Ainz want to spend some small measures of time in the game before being shutdown. Ainz's guild was in Nifleheim. So many worlds so it is possible some players standby in the last minute of the game. Some log-off before the shutdown while maybe some stay behind until the timer of the game is over. It is possible that Ainz and his NPC are not entirely alone in the New World and that world itself is one of many. Knowing the game YGGDRASIL is based on Norse Mythology as the World Tree containing the branches of other realms. As maybe the New World is one of those newly branches. Others players may have well transported to other branches to a different timeline.

    2. I thought this was just a fanfic tho?

  5. +Eren Luffy Calm down there is no confirmation that this is canon. Right? Someone please give confirmation about this.
    Anyway my point is, as long as there is no confirmation that this is canon you dont need to get your nerve stretch out.
    Calm down and just enjoy the story, who knows maybe this is just another private works of Nigel-sama.

  6. Even if it turns canon, this is just a random person story, yes she could have been transported to the new world but, in what era? Maybe thousands of years before Ainz's arrival or maybe years hundreds or thousands of years after he arrived, but it would be interesting if she is currently in Ainz's timeline, that means a new ally or foe, most likely foe.

    1. Most likely neither ways. Whether an enemy or not. She is more into adventuring rather fighting a whole guild. Being an heteromorphic race make herself stand out in the New World. A somewhat an eyeball monster "Gazer" but modified herself of having an appearance of a beautiful lady.
      A threat to Ainz Ooal Gown or an ally. We must presume and think her personality. She had enough of joining a guild or a group. That's why she parted away herself and doing solo.
      Not great in magic but good in combat not just good, completely amazing. Defeating high-leveled monsters and players, so much loot and powerful items including a World-Class.
      We just have to wait for the next volume to be released and just see where it goes.

    2. It would be awesome, if she was transported thousands of years after Ainz-sama entered this world. Just imagine someone entering and discovering a world fully dominated by the Sorceror King and his NPC's. I want to see it sooo much!

  7. Hmmm.... Another player that is the opposite of Ainz. To Ainz he was sadden when all of his comrades left behind him in the game as they deal the real world than the game itself. To Hitomi Kousen she was alone, not able to forgive herself of her wrongdoings of the past and missed the old days of her solo-adventuring in the nine realms of YGGDRASIL.
    She is another player that perhaps at the last seconds of the game being shutdown transported her maybe to the New World the same with Ainz but in a different location.
    Now things is getting interesting.
    Glad she isn't a humanoid or a demihuman but a heteromorphic being like Ainz.
    Most of the New World players in the past were lost and confused. Often, going to war or spreading idealistic that damaged that world.
    She might be aware of the famous evil guild in YGGDRASIL that had recently moving on it's neighboring countries. Hitomi likes being solo so I thought when Ainz made a huge change of the Adventurer old goal she maybe wants to take part of that idea, wanting to explore the unknown. Like Ainz who is taking measurements of awareness and defence since Shalltear brainwashed. She too is like that knowing the infamous guild is very powerful. That even herself alone is not enought to defeat the guild but maybe an exception of her intense intellect and skills and also her World-Class Item.
    She knows doing so to sneak or confront the evil guild she has least chance of victory even with a powerful item with her. She is also not going side with a human ideology nation like Slaine Theocracy knowing there belief of mankind superioty which is false. Reminding her that in her new body she is indeed a monster being.
    Normally she is somewhat an eyeball monster but modified in her intention of being a human-like.

    I don't know which is her setting in the new world. Whether continuing adventuring feeling the old days of her or somewhat planning to PK the NPC and to Ainz.
    Either ways we had to be patient and hope the great author Kugane Maruyama-sama would wrote another incredible piece of his work involving new magic, new player, new goal, new plan, new death, new power and ultimately the expansion of Ainz Ooal Gown to the whole new world.

    1. Uhmm... your imagination is uhh... very actice

  8. appeared the former member of the clan of Ainz sama why tuoch and fought takemechi

    1. I see now. There was a recalling memories in Ainz past of his former guildmates. Finally the secret is revealed. I truly believed this simply tales is another player that tolds her stories and details.
      It would be entirely uninteresting story seeing Ainz as the only main player in the New World in the current timeline.
      Now maybe in the next volume he will be facing his old clanmates from his previous clan group "Nine Ooal Gown".
      As said in both the novel and wiki that a certain someone left behind the clan that Ainz was in because of some disagreeing with her to both Ainz and Touch Me.
      Even so she might have regretted that and wants to forgive them but it was certainly too late as she might know the closing disclosure of many Ainz's friends upon the coming shutdown of the game.
      She was in fact part of the original Ainz Ooal Gown in it's first name a clan that became a guild and the first one to leave of Ainz's group.
      I don't think she an enemy to Ainz in the New World as she may has chances to forgive and rejoin to Ainz clan now a guild. (But knowing the fact that Ainz, who had no idea that one of his guildmates children Albedo has secretely plan to exterminate players that have entered the New World somewhere).
      This can turn ugly. All she wants is forgiveness to her former friend of her past and now she's about to deal of Nazarick Top NPC.
      Find out in the next volume.

  9. whats the meaning of BMG? // is this part of the LN or fan-made?

  10. What, isn't vol.11 already finished?
    Where is this come from?

  11. Nigel are you trolling us again? Or are things really getting more interesting at an explosive pace?

  12. OK so if this is the real deal then I'm guessing that Hitomi was once part of Ainz Ooal Gown and that she might possibly be the cause of Ainz being stuck in his new world. Going by that it might be that all or some of the other members might be in that world with him. She probably is.

    1. YGGDRASIL was the most popular game of all time. Of course, any players that loved the game would spend there last seconds on it knowing the game will end but not knowing something strange would happen to them after the timer ends.
      The game is wide with numerous worlds. Big spaces.

  13. People are jumping to way too many conclusions about this disconnected story

    1. It would be just too boring if Ainz is the only player that is godlike in the New World.
      It is said that she left a clan in the past. And in Ainz recalled memories of his past that there was one person that left behind them during the days of heteromorphic being being PK.
      Certainly this player is one of Ainz former friend.

    2. That's still nothing but conjecture at this point. People are treating it as established fact

    3. It doesn't really matter this is fact or not.
      We all wants a nice interesting plot to be made of.
      Ainz is clearly already dominating that world even though there are some who has the World-Class Items.
      The only time he fights on equal was his guildmates NPC Shalltear who was brainwashed at that time by a World-Class Item used by the Black Scripture of Slaine Theocracy.
      Having another player in that world would be really interesting. The people of that world would witness once again of powers that is beyond there imagination.


  14. I do not draw conclusions just tell him that I have read so far the novel and with this new character Hitomi seems to be that fight with touch -sama and that left the clan

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    1. what the hell did lupusregina did to you madam

    2. @Kurt Fonte lol

  16. Just one small fact.
    Players can't choose Dragon race to their characters. That was already stated by author.
    Good fanfic, please - write some more.

    1. Well that debunks the whole thing then. Glad that settles it

    2. well i hope you aren't forgot that sebas is Dragonoid.
      when they said Dragon, probably is Dragon like Boss Level in YGGdrasil which have to be defeated with a high level party.
      not dragon like frost Dragon or Star Dragon.

    3. It was clearly stated in the 11 volume that dragon RACE is prohibited for players, not just some subspecies. Well, you can check it right there, in this blog.
      And dragonoind not a dragon.
      So it's just another fanfic. Even so, it's really good and sound like not a bad way to spend some time before 12 volume of fanfic. Well, more canonical fanfic.

    4. "Dragon RACE is prohibited for players" but not Npcs

    5. When did the author state this?

  17. Even tought this is a fanfic (its still so EPIC to the point i wish this isn't a fanfic), i really wish Nigel sama continuing this Fanfic while waiting for Overlord Light Novel volume 11 so on is released tought.

  18. Ovalloard is still like 1000x better than this.

  19. well isnt this firework thing when Ainz-sama choose to play firework rather than in his throne ? He meet evileye and others ('if story' from Maruyama-sensei tweets) , im wrong ? (PS:I know this is not from vol11)

    1. You're absolutely right. The author did make an alternate story based on tweets. A short story compromises of Ainz doing some fireworks outside of his guild. After the countdown finished he himself were transported hovering over.

  20. Well damn. I thought this was real.
    I mean think about it, there's no way only ainz transport to another world.
    It would be nice if that's true haha

    1. The author knows that.
      Surely he would somehow write in the future of other players being there in the New World.
      Maybe that world is one of many. Like a new branch of YGGDRASIL the World Tree after Ragnarok (Norse Mythology of the end of times).

  21. Finally a real existence of other players. Hope she won't be Ainz's enemy cuz I really like her since she and I are the same kind of people :')

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    I really like the Slaine Theocracy that kingdom be covered in darkness and fall into the abyss of Ainz's might. That false religion with there foolish action must be repayed of a total annihilation. Once Ainz discovered that it was them who brainwashed Shalltear, Ainz will show them the meaning of pure death and despair. Then telling them that he is more powerful than there gods.

  26. Es un Fanfic subido en

  27. Hey Nigel, just wanted to point out some typos I caught earlier after a quick re-read:

    upload their own content,( )thus allowing them
    Typo: double space

    Humanoids, as the name suggested,( )were human-looking
    Typo: double space

    without people to share them with.( )Those days
    Typo: double space

    how she fel.
    Typo: 'felt' not 'fel'

  28. Seriously is so pro 0.o would be the number 1 in the game even tousmen-san was so pro and was one of the strongest in the game.

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