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Keeno's Journey

Maruyama wrote a spinoff story on Twitter where Ainz came to the New World by himself and met Evileye. Someone wrote fanfiction expanding on it. Hopefully this will help tide you over while you wait for Volume 12. And so:

Keeno’s Journey

Part 1

Chapter 1: Vampire Princess

An undead heart could not beat. But whenever she thought of Satoru, she imagined she could feel something like a pulse there.
It was so intense it felt like her heart was going to leap out of her chest.
She intoned Satoru’s name in her heart, gingerly and slowly and carefully.


The incantation flowed into her chest, and her spirit warmed up and came to life even as it filled with a sense of security. This cold, undead body of hers felt good, as though it had regained something that it had lost.
She had discovered this way to quickly regain mana by chance.
It was an important ritual for Keeno Fasris Inberun.

Chapter 2: Confusion and Confidence

“They were comfortable enough to fight with each other.”

There was no better way to describe Suzuki Satoru and Keeno Fasris Inberun.

“Satoru (a magic caster) can’t beat me! One shot and it’ll all be over, you know!”

“Then, allow me to respond to that.”

The man took the initiative and scooped Keeno’s small body into an embrace.
When he realised the girl in his arms ― as stiff as a kitten ― had a smile on her face, Satoru’s chin was covered by golden hair.

“I forgot to mention this… but I am very cute.”

Chapter 3: The Red-Faced Valkyrie

She was not happy at all with the fact that Satoru was her protector. His composed attitude upset her, as though something in her soul refused to permit it.

Therefore, several days later, Keeno requested a rematch.

She made her move ― little lips pressed against hard bones.


It felt as though lightning had run through his entire body and his eyes were spewing flames. Satoru cringed.
However, even that reaction was forcibly suppressed within several seconds.

“Even if it’s a joke, girls shouldn’t…”

Before he could finish, the man noticed.
The girl’s face had gone bright red, and she had passed out while still standing up.

Chapter 4: PVN - 1 of 2

A knight protecting his princess would surely pledge to be by her side forever.
However, Satoru was not a knight, but a magic caster.
In addition, he was a magic caster of unimaginable power, nigh unto a god.

Such a powerful magic caster would not spend forever protecting a child like herself who could not possibly repay him.

She knew she should not have thought of themselves as equals from the day they met.

This body of hers could not grow, only the things inside it.
Her knowledge, her experience and her emotions ― her accumulated, constant thoughts had turned these into a source of unease.

When she saw Satoru, she thought, I might end up being alone again.

Chapter 5: PVN - Second Half

She wanted to see exactly how much she would be allowed to get away with her child’s body.
All she wanted was to stay by his side.

Satoru. I want nothing else than that. Please...

Pray. Vow. Near. ― Please, don’t abandon me.


As he saw the girl grasping the hem of her robe, Satoru tilted his head and went, “What is it?”

“I am a rarity, a Vampire Princess. Since I’m a princess, you must cherish me, Satoru!”

In contrast with those words, the hands gripping the hems of her robe were filled with strength, trembling slightly, but not letting go.

Part 2

Chapter 6: Keeno’s Smile

I’m not like Peroroncino-san!
And besides, I like big boobs! This is just a protective urge, or rather, the desire to protect her!
It’s like a paternal instinct for a little girl! It’s like a big brother’s sense of responsibility to his little sister… No, I don’t have a daughter or little sister, or any family members, for that matter...

“Satoru, what’s wrong?”

“Ah, it’s no― say, my hand’s just a bunch of hard bones you know? Won’t it hurt if you grip it so tight, Keeno…?”

In response to those mumbled words which had slipped out of his mouth, the girl tilted her head and looked up.

“It doesn’t feel that way, you know? It doesn’t hurt, and even if it did hurt, it wouldn’t matter.”


“That’s because I don’t mind you touching me, Satoru…”

How could she shine so brightly despite being undead? And how could Keeno’s smile be so warm?
She was a Vampire to whom the terms “nocturnal” and “decadent” could not be applied.

I’m weak to the holy and fire elements, so it can’t be helped...

Her pure and innocent trust filled Satoru’s bony body.

Chapter 7: Lord of the Ring

“Be it in sickness ― although we won’t get status abnormalities…”
“Or in health ― a healthy undead being, hah!”
“Till death do we part ― but then how would I become an Overlord ―”

“That’s enough, Satoru! Be serious about this!”

They were playing a game.
Keeno had suddenly asked about the wedding ceremonies of Satoru’s world.

She might be young, but in this respect, she’s still a girl...

Of course, since there were only the two of them, he had taken on the role of pastor as well.

Even the exchange of rings had been done with cash items from his Infinity Haversack (which was not actually infinite), a ring with no effects that was worth 4 to 5 gold pieces.

“Say, can I keep this?”

“Ahhh, well, I don’t mind, but the rings that I’ve equipped aren’t toys like this, they’ve been properly enchanted with actual effects―”

The great magic caster had failed at his item appraisal.
That was because this ring possessed an incomparable power.
That was because it was a unique ring that contained the memories of the Vampire Princess, which would sustain her over the centuries.

[Pad Bad End]

The time of terror was upon her before she knew it.
Within the changing room of the 9th Floor’s bath, Shalltear froze like she had been petrified.
What was with the size of those boobs? Elves should have been a more slender species, should they not?

“Ah, it’s been a while, Shalltear. How are you?”

Indeed, due to the conflicting schedule of their assignments, it had been some time since she had last seen Aura. But it had only been a year or two since then. What on earth had happened?
Her footsteps were shaky, she had gone pale, and her gaze had naturally drifted downwards.
Her voice trembled as she squeezed out the words:

“...I, I hardly recognized you… ~arinsu?”

“Ah, you mean my boobs? Yeah, they’re bigger than last week. My underwear’s not going to fit me any more, so I’m changing over to something knitted that’s easier to adjust. “

“They, they’re still growing?!”

Such was the impact that it jarred her out of her refined style of speech.

In Nazarick Year 112, the Sorcerer King Ainz Ooal Gown’s instructions to “eat well” had shown tremendous results.

When Demiurge heard of this, he breathed, “As expected of Ainz-sama.”

Part 3

Chapter 8: Birthday - First Half

When was my birthday?
Was it the day I was born?
Or was it the day I became a monster and my heart stopped beating?

When you get down to it, what meaning does a birthday have to this body which can’t grow?

As he saw Keeno mutter to herself in depression, Satoru spoke:

“Birthdays, presents and parties, I didn’t have those. To me… being able to celebrate someone by your side is good enough.”

She did not know the details, but she understood that Satoru was alone as well when he had been her age.
Judging by his serious tone, it was probably not a happy time. However, the fact that she had something in common with Satou made her feel a little happier.

“Then, I’ll celebrate it for you. When’s your birthday, Satoru?”

“...About five days ago?”

That bombshell made the girl explode with, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?!”

After several days, the Vampire Princess managed to calm down, and she grew another year older.

Chapter 9: Birthday - Second Half

A year had passed since he had begun travelling with Keeno, the girl from another world.
Without Chagama-san’s watch, even his sense of time might have become muddled.
Their discussion on birthdays had somewhat upset her.

He had not thought about his own birthday.
If he answered like that, the girl would probably reject him on that day.

It’ll be better to prepare a present ahead of time. But what should I give a young girl like this? If only I could ask my guild members...

He tried asking her what she wanted, but he had gotten nowhere with it. Perhaps it was because her mood was still bad from several days ago.
In the end, he got more and more frustrated. What exactly should he get her―

“...Red clothes?”

“A Robe of the Salamander. It’s a robe made from the hide of a Salamander, who are resistant to fire. The undead have trouble dealing with fire, no?”

He considered that it might be too large, but once she put her arms through the sleeves, it fit her just right.
It was magical clothing, after all.

...Smells like Satoru...

Her Vampire’s keen sense of smell told her who had once owned this robe.
This was something he had used when he had been far, far weaker than he was now.

It was almost laughable at how miserly Satoru was, to keep something from so long ago.
But this was like sharing his past with her, and so giving this to her made her very happy.
Enfolded in bliss, the girl hid her blushing face.

This Robe of the Salamander was a little hot.
Therefore, she could not help but cool her face with her tears.

Chapter 10: The Scent of Being Together

Travelling without a home base was a miserable experience.
Their bodies did not need water, so they could continue travelling without the need to seek a water source. And then, one day:

“...Satoru, you kind of smell.”

You should be the same, right, Keeno? But Satoru was not nearly stupid enough to respond with that. He could imagine how she would cry and say “You don’t know how to treat a girl!” and so on.

Therefore, he decided to look at the matter from a different angle. Did he really stink?

The undead came in all sorts, from rotting corpses to lost souls. His skeletal body ought to rank very low when it came to body odour.

I don’t smell anything stinky… could it be an old-person smell!?
(TL Note:

But I’m not at that age yet… ah, is this how it feels when a teenage daughter goes, “Stay away from me, Papa!” and treats her father like some sort of filth?
After seeing Satoru fall into depression from that sudden shock, it was Keeno’s turn to panic.

“It, it’s not like I hate your smell or anything, Satoru!”

“It’s okay, I don’t mind…”

Even if his body did not rot, the particles flowing into the air would still generate an odor.
Strictly speaking, it was not that he did not stink.
Humans might have inferior senses of smell compared to insects and the like, but they could still pick up scents on the air.

Vampires, on the other hand, had very sensitive noses.
Perhaps that was why Keeno could recognize even a few particles carried in the air as being “Satoru’s scent”.
After all, she was always thinking of Satoru.

Why had Satoru’s odor changed for her?
The answer was very simple. Satoru’s own odor had grown weak because of another smell.

She was masking his scent with the odor she minded least in the world ― her own scent, in other words ― and so when her scent faded from his clothes (she had kept a distance from him because she had become self-conscious around him) she began to notice his odor once more.
(TL Note: this part may be a bit complicated; in short, Keeno’s scent overwrites Satoru’s so when she hangs around him, he smells of her. When she stays away, his own odor emerges again)

“...Satoru, you kind of smell.”

“It, it’s not like I hate your smell or anything, Satoru!”

The girl’s unconscious musings were only intended to show that she was unhappy with how his scent on her was growing faint, and how she had sensed his good intentions regarding his smell. She had not meant anything else by them.
Keeno panicked, and drew closer to explain.
He would be truly pathetic if he let a kid like that comfort him. Perhaps it was time to display the composure of an adult.

“It’s true, it’s true, I don’t mind the way you smell at all, Satoru!”

“...Thank you. I like your scent too, Keeno.”

“Uueeehh?!” Keeno squeaked in a queer way.
He was slightly hurt by the way she shrieked “Stay away from me!” and backed away.
She must have realised that she smelled too, hence her reluctance to let him approach her. How sad...

Perhaps Peroroncino-san would have taken this as praise of sorts and been delighted by this turn of events.
He imagined the difference between the ideal fantasy of games and the cruelty of reality.
He imagined a father coming home from work after having worked up a sweat, but just as he was about to take a bath, his daughter would say “Papa, you should bathe last! And don’t wash your clothes with mine!”
As he worried about the future of his friend who had a daughter ― Touch-san ― Keeno took out something from her waist pouch and sprayed it.

Was it a potion? No. Was that… perfume?

Perfume in this world cost 3 gold coins ― enough for an average civilian family to live for a month. In other words, it was a luxury.
He did not know that Keeno was from a noble family. What was going on?

“I made it myself. The product of a magical experiment.”

“So you had a talent for developing spells, Keeno…”

She had taken a crystal bottle which had the same properties as a spell-sealing crystal ― Keeno seemed to be training as a gem-specialised elementalist ― and bound a low-tier spell into it.
In another world-line, this perfume would be closely linked to the development of a certain original spell which discharged a white mist ([Verminbane]). However, because Satoru was too effective as a protector, the spell developed as a tactic against the Demon God of Flies would not see use.

Keeno began her explanation:
Perfume would change its aroma as one’s body temperature changed, and the difference was enjoyable.
The reason why the same perfume smelled different when sprayed on more than one person was because of the difference in their body temperatures.

“But we’re undead, so the fragrance will always be the same!”

The undead should not have possessed any body heat, yet the girl’s words made Satoru’s chest warm up.
Their journey continued. The distance between them shortened once more, and the two of them continued walking, hand in hand.

Chapter 11: Suggestion

They had not wanted to hurt anybody, but the opposite had happened.

She had briefly parted ways with Satoru to buy some necessities, but her clothes had torn in front of the shop and her nature as a Vampire had been revealed.
While she fought with the guards and the adventurers, a priest from the Slaine Theocracy showed up.

She was surrounded by angry cries.
People watched the battle from the sidelines, looking forward to the elimination of an evil being.
It was truly sad when people did not question their desire to purge others because they believed they were in the right.

What did we do to this town?
Even Keeno did not know if the feeling in her heart was sadness or anger.

Her confusion left her vulnerable.
The undead were very weak against holy magic, and when she stopped, she was surrounded.
She was tripped, and then she fell.
The Vampire species possessed a resistance to physical attacks and their bodies could not feel pain, so it did not hurt when weapons hit her. However, she was held in place by magic and could not even make a sound.
The priest cursed Keeno as he stepped on her prone form.

Breaking the binding spell and regaining her bodily mobility would need some time.
If she wanted to escape… she would have to find a part of the crowd where the onlookers were thin, but what she saw in the gaps between people made her freeze up.

She saw Satoru’s blazing eyes.
Even from a distance she understood the meaning of the massive magic circle that burst from him like an outpouring of anger.
It was like a portent of tyranny and death.
This was the first time she had been frightened by anything he had done in all their travels together.

As she screamed soundlessly, the priest kicked at her face while shouting, “Don’t look around!” and the spell was cast.

All. Traces. Of. Life. Vanished. From. That. Town.


“...So anyway, to prevent something like that from happening, we can’t dress messily or shabbily. I think we need to wear clothes which blend in.”

“Keeno, you have a really active imagination! Overactive even. If you want new clothes, you can just tell me, you know?”

Satoru did not understand at all.
There had to be a good reason to do anything, in this or any other world.

And when a woman begged a man for clothing, a bridal gown was the most appropriate thing to give her.
Unlike how it was in Satoru’s world, most clothing in this world was hand made.
Among commoners, it was perfectly normal for mothers to personally teach their daughters how to sew.

However, as someone who stood outside normal human society, she was hardly normal.
A child who had lost a mother could not master these skills.
Therefore, as the days wore on, she would need to buy clothes out of her own pocket, much like a noble did.
Satoru had given her the Robe of the Salamander for her birthday, but it was a very valuable, high-quality item, so she did not usually wear it.

I hope he doesn’t think I’m being childish.
I might be a Vampire, but I do act my age, and letting my skin show through tattered clothing is embarrassing… although… if it were Satoru...

As Satoru saw Keeno look down in silence, he put his bony right hand on her head.
It could not be helped. After extracting a promise from her protector, the girl gained another personal item several days later.

It was a piece of red clothing.
It made her think of blood, and as someone who hated Vampires like herself, she found the color somewhat disagreeable.
However, she still thought fondly of the robe she had received for her birthday. It was a color which suited her very well.

Chapter 12: Raising A Magical Girl

Elementary School.

It was a state institution in Satoru’s original world; a place which required a great deal of money to enter and which the poor could not get into without great difficulty.

When she heard that, Keeno understood.
There were private academies where only the talented would be permitted entry in order to learn the ways of being a magic caster.
For instance, the Slaine Theocracy’s priesthood, which collected excellent bloodlines.
Some things remained the same even in different worlds.
Perhaps the high-level spells which Satoru wielded came from this “Elementary School”.

While excellent teachers were not a requirement to produce a powerful spellcaster, she ought to learn as much from him as she could while she could see and speak to him.

Satoru is my Master… and I’m his first disciple… so as his favorite pupil, I’m his beloved disciple…

Intense, burning passion flooded the girl’s heart.
That reaction too was the same, even though their worlds differed.


“Eh? You want to learn magic from me?”
The girl was adorable as she nodded in response, but he was at a loss as to how to answer her.

As a Player, Satoru only knew magic through the grace of the DMMORPG system, so he could not teach it to others.
In addition, his arrival in this world had been a natural change.

“Please! I’ll study really hard, you know? I’ll work hard so I don’t disappoint you, Satoru!”

“Umu, but if you want me to teach you magic…”

“I’ll do anything! I want to be a mage like you, Satoru!”

He could not find any fault with what she had said.

“...I understand. Then, tell me all the spells that you can cast now.”
“I don’t mind, but that’s not a lot, right?”
“That’s fine. Rather, the fewer, the better. However, all the new spells will be ones you learn yourself.”
“Eh? Aren’t you going to teach me, Satoru?”

“Ahh, what I’m going to teach you is―”
Satoru smiled boldly, his mood filling the air around him.
“A guide to power builds and the proper use of spells”


These were Suzuki Satoru’s assets at the moment.
One of them was every day he had spent in Ainz Ooal Gown.
He was a necromancer, but although he was level 100, he was not an alchemist or a cleric like his friends, and had seen all kinds of spells.
Satoru still remembered the flawless spell layouts of those magic casters who were stronger than he was.

And then, there was the use of magic.
It included the tactics of attack, defense and countermeasures, gained from PVPing and the book “PKing for Dummies”.
It included the skills he had used to triumph over foes with immaculate spell layouts, and those with better stats than himself.
Satoru taught them all to Keeno, from the basics to the applications.

Satoru did not realize how frightening that was.

The girl who was bound by chains of love was delighted by his praise and acknowledgement, and absorbed everything he had to offer like she was draining the blood of her beloved.
Needless to say, the rare blade that was a Vampire Princess had been forged and honed to a razor’s edge.

200 years later―

The crystallization of the spell tactics, which were, in a sense, the legacy of Ainz Ooal Gown, was complete, but that is another story.


“What’s this Over Magic thing?”

“You don’t know, Satoru? It’s a metamagic technique that lets you cast a spell of a tier you normally wouldn’t be able to access. Although, it drains a huge amount of mana…”

This was a spell which did not exist in YGGDRASIL.
Keeno also spoke of many spells which he had never heard of before.

The sheer amount of spells made him feel like he had been subject to a [Despair Aura], an effect that had not existed in his original world.
However, he found it quite interesting that he could make use of this world’s side effects.

...Spice-creating spells, huh. I’m sure Tabula-san the alchemist would have been fascinated by it. It would seem it can generate powder explosions too.

The tutor taught his disciple, and the student elevated her teacher as well.
There was a limit to how much one could learn by themselves, but when one engaged in mutual study and practice with someone else, one could revisit the paths one had taken and discover new roads had opened up.
That was because they were not alone, but together.
The girl Suzuki Satoru had met from this New World was always motivating him.

She was just like a spice for him.

Come to think of it, there had been a period during the Earth’s long history when spices had enjoyed a golden age.
Who had told him this? Was it someone from the guild?
As Satoru lost himself in nostalgia, the girl tilted her head, crowned in sparkling gold, and looked at him in surprise

Chapter 13: There Is Joy There

“You asked me to tell you how many spells I could use in all, but how many spells can you cast, Satoru?”

“Me? 718, in total.”


There were over 6000 spells in YGGDRASIL.

Satoru felt that he could cast around 10% of them. However, normal level 100 players could only learn a maximum of 300. In other words, that number was quite abnormal.
He felt that he was around the lower echelons of the top tier of players, but that was quite questionable

There were around 500 players in the highest ranks of the top tier.
He possessed the Eclipse class, which was a vanishingly rare class even among necromancers, who were an uncommon breed, and the ability to perform magic combos, which only 5% of all magic-casting players had mastered.
In addition, he had plenty of cash items, he was a guildmaster who was widely respected by his colleagues, and he was fully-equipped with divine-class items and even a World-Class Item.

Many level 100 players did not even count a single divine-class item to their names. That was because they took a lot of work to make.
After taking all that into consideration, and considering the 200 World-Class Items as pieces of personal equipment, there were probably fewer than 500 players who could surpass Satoru.

Compared to Touch-san and Ulbert-san, I’m just too weak...

Touch Me was a member of the World Champion class, possessed by only nine people out of the entire player base.
Ulbert Alain Odle was the most powerful spellcaster in Ainz Ooal Gown.
Was the fact that Satoru could use these two people as casual benchmarks of his ability not proof that he belonged among the upper ranks of the player base?


He had learned 718 spells.
In this world, it was hardly unusual to spend three to five years learning a single spell.
Even if there were a supergenius who could master a spell in half a year, it would still take over 300 years to learn that many.
Even the undead, who were not concerned with the concept of lifespan, would have to spend an unbelievably long time on it.

“...That’s amazing, I don’t think anyone other than me would believe that.”

“Hmm~ so you believe me then, Keeno?”

“Mm. If it’s you, then I’ll believe it, Satoru~”

The way she treated it as a perfectly normal and ordinary thing made Satoru worried.
Satoru felt that he was being deeply despicable.
This beautiful blonde girl had placed her faith in him and asked for nothing in return.
He felt that was truly despicable.
He had no choice but to express his delight, and he had no choice but to respond to her.


The topic of magic ended here today.
The sun began to set, and the two of them pitched a tent to camp.
The undead did not require sleep, yet they set up camp anyway, because magic casters needed to recover their mental strength.
It was more sensible to spend the night in a safe place than to use spells on the many nocturnal beasts and magical creatures which roamed the night here.
However, both of them had darkvision as a racial ability, so they did not light any fires, and Keeno hated eating alone, so they had not made any food.

I guess I made a mistake by saying I had an item which removed the need to eat...

Our expenses are getting a little large; can you cook, Satoru… That said, he had shot that question down.
There was no food, no campfire, and they did not need to sleep.
Even so―

“Come closer, Keeno.”

“P-please excuse me…”

He smiled at Keeno, who had been excessively shy and formal all this while, as she drew closer to his robe and sat shoulder to shoulder with him.

It was just like using a contingent touch-range spell.
Like choosing to make an emergency teleport.
Like feeling the presence of someone beside him.
Satoru looked down at Keeno, who was blushing to the tips of her ears, and he put his hand on her head.

There was no food, no campfire, and they did not need to sleep.
Even so―
They exchanged scattered bits of conversation.
They smiled with sparkling eyes and warmed each other’s hearts.
They spoke of hopes and dreams, and lit up the night.

Chapter 14: Possibility

When one applied pressure to salt, quartz and other crystals, thus changing their shape, one could generate an electric current whose intensity was in direct proportion to the degree of the deformation. Let us call this the piezoelectric phenomenon.
(TL Note:
Conversely, when one passed a current through crystalline substances, this would cause a change in form in direct proportion to the magnitude of current.
The piezoelectric phenomenon was not limited to crystals alone. It could occur in bone, wood and other organic substances.

Crystals were excellent examples of piezoelectricity, and they were surprisingly compatible with lightning magic.
When used as a medium, they could enhance lightning strikes, and depending on the types of crystals used, they could act as insulators and serve as shields.
In addition, since Keeno was a crystal-specialized elementalist, she ought to be able to use lightning spells.
(TL Note: In the WN, Evileye’s trump card was apparently the 5th Tier spell [Dragon Lightning])

“The undead seem to be quite closely linked to lightning. I’ve heard of Frankenstein’s Monster, which animated after death with a lightning strike.”

“You’re really widely-read, Satoru.”

“I had a friend who enjoyed horror stories.”

“Eh, it’s a horror story?”

Keeno had not missed that detail.
When Satoru had mentioned the word “friend”, his mood had turned solemn, perhaps a little lonely.
Was it a woman?
Jealousy blazed up in her, but she was afraid to have it confirmed, so she did not probe further.
Therefore, she decided to change the topic and ask about corpses which were animated by lightning.


Frankenstein; or, the Modern Prometheus.

It was written by the English author Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley in 1818.
What most people knew about the story of Frankenstein was that a young Swiss man ― Victor Frankenstein ― had the ambition of becoming a scientist, and he had made the titular monster.

The monster possessed superhuman strength and intellect, as well as a heart, but was rejected by its creator because of its hideous appearance and persecuted by others.
The monster, which lamented its solitude, begged its creator for an equal ― for a mate ― and swore that nevermore would it appear before other humans.

However, the young Frankenstein denied him.
Despondent, the monster slew its creator’s wife and and friends, and the young man pursued the monster with a heart of vengeance.

During the course of his journey, he had an accident in the Arctic Ocean, and by the time an Arctic explorer team found him, he was on the verge of death.
As the expedition leader watched Frankenstein die, the monster appeared before him.
Filled with grief over the death of its creator, the monster immolated itself at the North Pole and vanished forever.
(TL Note: There are quite a few differences from the wikipedia summary, Satoru might not be recalling it correctly)


According to Tabula Smaragdina-san, the monster was a silent, savage monster in movies, but in the original work, it had mastered language in a few months and could speak eloquently.
Well, I can understand how it feels to be persecuted based on one’s ugly looks now ― what’s wrong?

He had thought she had suddenly quietened down, but Keeno’s eyes were filled with tears.
A nameless monster rejected by its creator.
As a being who was ostracized by humanity, it was not hard for Keeno to sympathize with it.

“Come here, Keeno.”


It was probably all she could do not to let the tears flow.
Satoru reached for the girl, who no longer felt shy as she approached him wordlessly, and wiped her tears away with the sleeve of his robe.
Keeno accepted the gesture, and pressed her face against Satoru’s clothes.
She breathed quietly, to silence her sobs.
Just like that nameless monster, this girl that he could not help but worry over was a being with a human heart, who had to bear a fate of rejection and solitude.

“...had a bride…”

“Hm? What is it?”

“...If he had a bride… would he have been happy…?”

The truth was, he did not know.
There had been several other derivative works made in the centuries following the original, where the bride fled the monster due to its ugliness.
Not all stories involved the beauty falling in love with the beast.
However, there were stories which had not yet happened, and thus the possibility slumbered within them, like unhatched eggs.
It was good to be able to have warm, sweet dreams.

“Ah, I’m sure of it.”

“Say, if you were its creator, what kind of name would you have given it, Satoru?”

“Hmm, if it were me―”

After that, the mood around them changed.

For the sake of Satoru’s reputation, we shall gloss over the details. However, one can imagine how Keeno’s tears faded away and she strenuously objected to the monster’s name.

And so, the girl’s heartbreak melted away like mist in the morning sun.

Satoru had most definitely not planned for things to happen in that way.


There was one last miscellaneous detail.

If Tabula Smaragdina the horror movie maniac had seen their conversation, he would have smiled at this strange fate that they shared.
This was particularly true after seeing the girl.

Frankenstein; or, the modern Prometheus.

Thanks to this story, five men and women, including the author Mary Shelley, held a conference in the Villa Diodati in the year 1816.
And thanks to that, one of the participants, the author John William Pioidori, wrote a short story.

This story was called The Vampyre (1819).

It was the forerunner for Dracula (1897) by Bram Stoker, and was the first story to feature a vampire as the protagonist.

Chapter 15: Keeno’s Journey

While the undead did not need to eat, they still needed to purchase magical reagents and other consumables when they stopped over in a village.
In addition, they also needed to obtain local maps, directions to the next town ― as well as the occasional piece of useless information.

After concluding their business in the town, they would deploy a magical cottage in the forest to avoid being caught in the open at night.
The nights were long for Satoru and Keeno, who were undead.
Since they did not need to sleep, they had ample time to talk.

“Ah, there’s something I want to say.”

Keeno had a very strange look on her face as she opened her mouth.
Her eyes peeked at Satoru’s body every now and then, but in the end she seemed to have made up her mind.
Even so, her imagination seemed to be running wild, and the way she kept looking at and then away from him made her look like she was hesitating.
Sensing her uneasiness, Satoru straightened up and asked, “What is it?”

“I won’t get angry, so go ahead and tell me.”

Ahh, but these words could not be trusted.
“Don’t worry, you won’t lose out,”
“Our company feels very homey.”
It was tricks like these that one had to be wary of in the office.
Therefore, it was best to prepare for Keeno to get mad at him.

“...Men… men all like big boobs, right!?”


If Satoru had flesh, his expression would probably read, “what on earth are you saying?”
Fortunately, his face was skeletal, so he looked very calm.
His emotional override kicked in with a whoosh.

“...Ah, ah! Satoru, you’re one of them too!?”

Satoru’s emotion override kicked in again.
Perhaps it was because he had no expression on his face, but it would seem she had easily mistaken it for displeasure.
She thought back on her words, and the girl shyly bowed her head.

Ahhh, Keeno looks so cute when her face is red.
Her skin had been a pale white to begin with, so when she blushed, the red color was that much more obvious.
Her words had backfired on her.
Mm, mm, she’s so cute~ Oops, she must have noticed that I was looking at her blushing face, and so she blushed even more. Looks like a two-for-one!

―After thinking about his observations of the girl who was trying to flee reality, Satoru turned to face her directly. He asked Keeno where she had heard that from, which also bought him time to think of how to respond to her. It would seem she had been walking around on the streets after finishing shopping and heard it from the housewives chatting around the well.

“Keeno, listen well.”

“Uuu, mm.”

“The undead don’t drink milk.”

Alright, I managed to escape! Satoru struck a victory pose in his heart.
It was on the level of a child asking an adult, “How is babby formed?”
There was no deeper meaning to it; she had asked purely out of curiosity and the desire to know more.
Giving her a straight answer was not quite appropriate; perhaps he should think of how to give her a satisfactory answer.
Just dictating things to her would impair the development of her independence.
Or rather, he should let time pass, so she could learn and experience the answer for herself.

“So you don’t like them, Satoru?”

(TL Note: the sound of Satoru’s emotion override activating)

The emotional override activated to dampen the tremendous shock he had just received.
I couldn’t escape...
In all likelihood, the PKing techniques he had learned from Punitto Moe and imparted to Keeno had finally been put to use.
The prey was the most vulnerable when it thought it had escaped and lowered its guard.
To think she had put it into practice so soon… he would have been in danger if not for the undead emotion override.

Still… what should he do?
Her question was a double-edged sword.
Or rather, it was a minefield.
Satoru fell into deep contemplation as he looked at the girl whose physical development had been arrested.

Her chest was as flat as a… well, plain, so if he said he liked them, her pride would be hurt. Or perhaps she would think he was a pervert and scorn him.
If he said he did not like them, then it would only be natural for her to question him on the reasons. Answering poorly would lead to yet more questions which would bog him down.
He was damned if he did and damned if he did not… and it might cause problems in the future.
He would be travelling with Keeno in the days to come, so he did not want to leave behind the seeds of something that would make her feel uncomfortable.
What was the right answer?
In the face of this terrible dilemma, was the urge to scream “What kind of answer should I give!” just a delusion?


Aaah, my emotion override activated again.
When had this become such a serious problem… this was nothing more than a question of boobs, after all...

It was an unreasonable question even in his original world.
If he said he liked them small, people would think of him as a lolicon or a pervert.
If he said he liked them large, people would think he had an Oedipus complex or was a lecher.
There was no woman who would like a man who claimed that all breasts were beautiful and declared, “I love all boobs!”

No, perhaps that might be possible with a lover or a wife, but unfortunately Satoru had no experience whatsoever with the subject.
In addition, Satoru the salaryman had been trained not to make statements which might potentially imply sexual harassment, which meant that he did not mention sexual or lewd matters in daily life.
It was all well and good around his colleagues, customers and the three ladies in the guild, but the person in front of him was a girl of thirteen. Frankly speaking, the cops would have been called on him in the old world.

Satoru was performing the mental equivalent of hugging his head.

This was the first time he was speaking about sexual matters with Keeno ― although Satoru was the only one who knew of it at this time ― and because it was the first time he was doing this, he had not realized it.
He was not treating the girl as a “child”, but as a “woman”.
If the brother and sister pair in the guild ― both of whom had secretly given Satoru voice recordings and lewd images ― had seen this, this was probably how they would react.

The Elder Sister: “Momonga-san’s a gentleman.”
The Younger Brother: “Momonga-san’s very sincere.”
Both: “That’s why everyone in the guild trusts Momonga-san.”


This was a rare occurrence; Satoru was unable to answer.
She had not intended to give him a hard time.
All she wanted was to ask:

“Do men all like them big?”

People often looked for what they did not have in others.
Going by that line of thinking, it would be understandable how breastless men would be attracted to breasty women.
Usually, most people would prefer ample bosoms and not someone like herself, who could not grow and whose chest was practically flat.

It did not matter even if Satoru liked bigger chests.
She had gradually come to realize that he did not feel the same way about her as she did for him, so this was a question which came before that.

She wanted him to like her as a member of the opposite sex. However, she had no idea how to establish such an attraction.
Should she cook? Satoru did not need to eat.
How about wealth? Satoru had countless valuables.
Be it mana, spells, knowledge or power, Satoru already had it all.
Mm, just the opposite of me.

I can’t do anything without Satoru.
All I’ve done is receive things from him.
Satoru doesn’t think of me as anything other than a ward, and I can imagine how that’s going to turn out.
I don’t know what he’ll say. But I can guess what he’ll do.

He’ll treat me like a child. He’ll hug me, and gently pat my head.

It annoys me when he does it, yet my body and soul grow hot and happy when it happens.
My face turns red, I look down, and I tell my body, “Listen to me!”
Satoru’s happy after seeing me protest ― that’s the only thing I can do for him!
Our relationship is hugely unbalanced, one of an adult and a child.
If possible, I’d like to crack his resolve.
He looks down on everything from above, and I wait for him to reach out to me
It’s clearly unfair how his hand can touch me so easily when I can’t even convey my feelings to him.

Why is it that when it all started, his caresses made me happy, but now they just upset me?
I laughed.
My undead body would never grow, but my spirit (heart) could grow.
I sneered.
No, that was just the ugly spirit which passed for a heart among the undead.

Satoru’s totally the opposite of me.
His undead spirit (his heart) has not changed since I met him.
He’s always been calm, playing the role of a reliable adult.
Satoru’s the opposite of me, who’s nothing but a child.
Am I seeing things, or is Satoru glowing in my eyes?



I’m definitely not saying this to seek her approval.

After fully understanding that point, Satoru spoke.

“...I wouldn’t know, because I’ve never touched them (breasts) before.”

What the hell was that? Her dumbfounded expression only lasted a moment before understanding dawned on her face. Slowly, gradually, she said:

“I won’t get mad at you,So. Relax. And. Say. It.”

He could see the quivering in her cheeks and the overflowing emotions within her.
She quirked up the corner of her lips.
Unlike Keeno, who softened under tension, Satoru had gotten so stiff that he looked like he had turned to stone.  
Had he not answered well?
The hitherto silent Keeno’s response had exceeded the bounds of his understanding, which filled Satoru with fear and unease.

“Satoru, stick out your hand.”

“Hm? Like this?”



Keeno grabbed Satoru’s arm and pulled it close to her.
She pressed his bony white hand against the faint swellings upon her chest.
He could feel those eternally preserved buds without the interference of a heartbeat because she was undead. Without body heat, it felt like he was touching freshly-fallen snow.
It was because the change was so faint that it was so deeply engraved into Satoru’s heart.

“Ehehe, I’ve taken your first time, Satoru~”

“Say ― say what!?”

“How lewd, Satoru~”

“Wasn’t it you who pulled my hand over, Keeno!?”

“Mm~ that’s right.”

Keeno calmly confirmed it.
Satoru’s mind could no longer keep up with the happy look on her face.

“Whoosh ― whoosh ― whoosh ― whoosh!!!”

His emotion override could not keep up either.
He looked up at her as she smiled, and he found her youthful body bewitchingly attractive.
She was not smiling with the brilliance of the sun, but with the gentleness of the moon, a perfect match for the night―
She was not a lovesick girl, but like the huntress Artemis―

If Satoru told Keeno what he had seen, she would probably laugh and laugh without stopping.
As for why, it was because Satoru looked more like the moon himself, as he glowed from his consecutive emotion overrides.


The Vampire Princess who hid herself had finally brought the ivory tower down, as she wanted.
She had punched a tiny bore into the hitherto impregnable walls of his will.
The shadow of joy moved steadily.

It was not Suzuki Satoru whose overflowing emotions had been blocked up. The one who had banked them up until now was Keeno Fasris Inberun.

Her clear show of goodwill had forced a weakness in his restraint, which would fill her future days with misery.
It was just like the desire to suck the blood of someone without flesh or blood.
It was a pain that would sear her body and soul, a grand battle with eternity.

Her incomplete love was like an aimless journey.
She could not see where she had come from, and wandered aimlessly in the unfathomable mist as she continued upon “Keeno’s Journey”.

This was the first time she felt conscious about her condition as a Vampire Princess.
She felt an unquenched thirst, as befitted one of the undead.

Final Chapter: OVERLORD - 1 of 3

It was sunset, in a room within the magic cottage.
Keeno placed her hands on the tiny chest which the person she liked most had touched, and she began her daily ritual.
This was how she quickly recovered her mana.
She said the name “Satoru.”
All this time, this ritual had warmed her heart and comforted her, but it was different today.
She had recovered a frightening amount of mana. The overflowing surge of mana gathered within her unbeating heart and churned into a vortex.

Something was wrong.
She did not know where the problem was.
Keeno ignored that sense of foreboding and stayed alone within the room.
Reciting Satoru’s name caused her mana to increase.
When he was in front of her, she felt uneasy, like she was angry.

It had been a long time since she had not been together with Satoru in the cottage.
This was a very sudden period of loneliness.
It was a good chance for her to calm down and get her thoughts in order.
She flopped down on the bed, and recalled every day that had passed until now.
……She loved Satoru.

She could not imagine a moment without him.
Fortunately for the two of them, they were both undead.
Not even until death would they part.
She hoped that as their relationship deepened, their happy days from before would last forever.

She had not imagined that there would be a day when she would be glad to be a Vampire.
It was a tiny stroke of luck amidst a boundless sea of misfortune.
No, right now, one could say that she was truly happy.

She lay down and reached into the sky.
The ornamental ring on her left finger sparkled as it came into view.
Satoru had told her that it was an item used in wedding ceremonies in his original world.

She rose and pulled up the hood of her red clothing.
This was the robe of salamander hide that he had given her for her birthday.
The lingering scent of Satoru had faded, and now it smelled of the fragrance of the perfume she had given him.

Everything she wore now was a gift from Satoru.
She was happy enough as it was; would it not be too selfish to continue asking for more?

“...Satoru, Satoru’s… wi-wi-wi-wi,wife…”

Just speaking those words was unbearable, and the girl ended up rolling around on the bed.
She did not need anything else if she had him.
As she thought that, Keeno had already fallen head over heels for the spell of love.
It was as though the undead mental immunities were nothing but a joke.

That night, a strange thing happened.

...What’s… this…? ...My throat’s… so… parched...

Back then, Keeno thought she had been imagining things, because she was wearing Satoru’s item which negated the need to eat or drink.
Was she ill?
Just in case, she went to ask Satoru to check her with magic, but he said she was fine.

Indeed, she might have been fine.
Or rather, it would have been strange if she did not feel hungry or thirsty. Her body and soul felt alive.
Worried, Satoru asked, “Are you alright,” and Keeno replied that she was alright.
A dry throat was nothing she could not endure.

Satoru put his hand on Keeno’s brow, then tilted his head.
“Your status seems normal, so why do you feel so hot?”
Her face must have been red because Satoru was so close to her.
The hand on her forehead was the same one that had touched her chest not long ago...

Her unbeating heart pounded, and her keen sense of smell picked up Satoru’s odor.
Could it be that I’m getting excited by Satoru?
It was embarrassing, and she did not want Satoru to dislike her.
Her thoughts went round and round until her little head overheated and gave up.
Satoru was worried as he saw her like in that state and moved closer to her.

As he looked into Keeno’s eyes, Satoru’s face, lit by his glowing eyes, drew even closer to her.
For some inexplicable reason, the thought of I want a kiss suddenly came to mind, and that thought turned Keeno’s body as stiff as a board,
Her thoughts and emotions surged to the point where she could not speak, and her tension and anxiety made the thirst in her throat grow that much more.

Her thirst would last throughout the night until daybreak.
Naturally, her status was normal ― for a Vampire.

Keeno had very strong self control.
It was simply that she was a crybaby.
She had become used to bearing with things during her time spent alone in the ruined city where the undead roamed, until she had met Satoru.
She had felt a thirst every night, but it had not disturbed the calm of her heart.
It was a desire which neither water nor soup could satisfy.
She had only noticed it after bearing with it for an entire week.
Her thirst only came up when Satoru came into view, or when her other senses picked him up.

She did not want to cause him trouble.
As she unconsciously thought that, she started to avoid Satoru.
She did not touch him.
She kept him out of sight.
She spent less time with him.

Once she realized that she liked him, she could not stop thinking about him.
She could hide it in the daytime by spending time apart from and staying away from him, but at night, it only intensified the thirst within her.
She slept on a different bed from Satoruu.
She pressed her arm against her lips, hoping that Satoru would not hear her pained moans.
She distracted herself.
She closed her eyes, imagined his form, and kissed him in her thoughts.
She told herself that she was practicing for the future.
When she opened her eyes, she was shocked.
There were tooth marks on her arm. Two of them, in fact.

This was when Keeno realized the true nature of the abnormality in her body.
She realized the true nature of her night-time thirst.
She desired to become one with the being called Satoru.
The Kiss and the two tooth marks.
By the time the whimper leaked from her mouth, the girl’s vampiric fast healing had cleared away the tooth marks on her arm without a trace.


Perhaps this might be off topic, but it was Bram Stoker’s seminal work Dracula that first expressed the concepts of the undead.
In other words, from a literary perspective, the origins of the undead lay in Vampires.
It was not that the undead all did not need to eat, drink or sleep.
Rather, skeletal undead like Satoru were a rarity.
For instance, Ghouls were corpse eaters, while Mummies slept in sarcophagi.

Then, there were Vampires.
Unlike Ghouls, who fed on dead bodies, they were undead who drank fresh blood.
Unlike Shalltear Bloodfallen, who had racial levels as a Vampire, Keeno was a Vampire Princess, which was a job class.

Why were items which negated the need to eat or drink effective on the undead?
That was because the act of taking in blood had two meanings for the Vampires in this New World.

One of them was to oppress and trample the weak ― this was where the item was effective.
The other was similar to how Vampire Brides tried to make the people they obsessed over (loved) into fellow members of their species or into their familiars, as a form of courtship.
The latter was not a means of seeking sustenance.
Instead, they craved the warmth they had lost, a love to cure the thirst of the undying.

The erotically-charged act of blood drinking was thus an act of love, with the same significance as sex between human beings ― the mingling of bodily fluids.
In fact, the composition of human blood and semen was very similar.
It was very natural for Vampires to seek the warmth (blood) of the people they loved.
Thus, she was not suffering from a status ailment.
She might not need to eat or drink, but she still needed love.

The girl had literally grown as a Vampire.
That was because after her encounter with Satoru and through the course of her experiences (journey) with him, she had come to love him.

Recently, Satoru had been feeling very awkward
The reason for that was the sounds of suppressed breathing from Keeno’s room, as well as the sounds of rolling around on her bed.
Keeno was 13 years old now, ever since the birthday they had celebrated after their encounter.
A human being of her age would be well into adolescence, and it was hardly surprising that she would awaken to her sexuality.
Thus, he could understand why she was keeping a careful distance from him, why she deliberately avoided making contact with him, and why her face occasionally flushed red from excitement.
Perhaps paying that no heed was the appropriate response for an adult, or perhaps it was just a samurai’s compassion

I guess girls mature sooner than boys...

While Keeno’s physical body had stopped growing, there had been a bewitching, mysterious aura of sexual attraction around her recently
She looked away when she felt her eyes on him, and sometimes she had a longing, moist look on her face.
He knew it was not right, but he could not help but imagine her squirming in her bed every night.

I’m not Peroroncino-san! I’m not looking forward to developments like that which could have come from an H-game!

Granted, she had grabbed his hand and placed it on her chest…
Keeno’s affection for him was plainly obvious.
Even so, he had to be careful not to make a mistake.
Still, what exactly constituted a “mistake”?
Was it to take some Over Road which went beyond the bounds of humanity?
If she were human, then if she were too young, all he would need to do would be to wait for her to grow up.
However, Keeno was undead, and she could neither grow nor die.
In the first place, how was he supposed to respond to her feelings, anyway?
He did not hate her.
He was sure of that.
Travelling with her was the happiest he had been ever since his golden years in that virtual world (YGGDRASIL).
It was like a continuation of his time with the heteromorphs of Ainz Ooal Gown.
He certainly did not hate that.
Only… he did not ever want to lose it again.
He was sure of that.


Keeno Fasris Inberun had not been born a Vampire.
She had been turned from a human being.
She retained a girl’s heart, but possessed a superhuman heteromorph’s body.
She had a sunny smile; completely at odds with vampires, who were decadent creatures of the night.
And now the balance of these opposed principles had collapsed.

Desire was a thing that grew as it was suppressed.
A Vampire’s courtship was not a simple thirst that could be sated, but a frightening, sexual pleasure.
In addition, she had been turned at 13, before she had become an adult.
For someone like her, who was stuck at the cusp of adolescence, her Vampiric impulses were a hellish torment.
I want to drink blood (I can’t) I want to drink blood (I can’t) I want to drink blood (I can’t) I want to drink blood but I hate it (I can’t) I want to drink blood (I want it...)

Ironically, the reason why she denied her courtship impulses so strongly was because she did not want to inconvenience Satoru. In other words, she thought, “I don’t want him to hate me”.
Keeno endured it, even as it ground away at her soul.
That in itself was proof of her love.


They had spent several weeks travelling through wastelands and forest which were devoid of human presence.
Today, as usual, they deployed the magic cottage where they would spend the night.
Keeno kept her distance from him, and then the end of Satoru’s lonely night had come for him.
He felt a small weight upon his back.
He was disturbed by how happy that long-awaited sensation made him feel.
If he teased the girl who had come over to mess with him, she would probably frown and run off.
WIth that in mind, he decided to pretend that nothing was the matter and let her do as she pleased without turning back.

That was why he had not noticed the peculiarity in Keeno sooner.

Her empty red pupils glowed, like flames in the darkness.
Her adorable little canines had suddenly lengthened into fangs.
Her little white hands reached for Satoru’s chest.

Satoru rebuked himself for forgetting.
Heteromorphic creatures had flaws.
Their disadvantages included ugly appearances or the restriction of certain abilities.
A Vampire with no desire to drink blood could not be considered a Vampire at all.
In addition, his sense of caution was lacking.
He had thought that he would not be hurt, given his powerful gear and skills, the sheer level difference between himself and the girl, as well as his lack of flesh and blood.

Dammit! That’s not right, is it, Suzuki Satoru!?

I’m not the one who’s being hurt now! It’s Keeno!

“―Satoru… Please… please don’t… hate... me…”
The hands clinging to his chest trembled in resistance and fear.
Her pained plea echoed by his ear, and Satoru made up his mind.
His response to Keeno was to reach a hand out and pull her to his chest.
I’ve got no flesh or blood, but if it’ll calm you down, then bite me all you want.
Her teeth sank into his white bones, and the pain only lasted for a moment.
His emotion override cut out the pleasure he felt, and Satoru’s body glowed faintly.


[Energy Drain].
It was a vicious ability that sucked away a victim’s energy and soul, reducing their ability scores and levels.
The demons known as Succubi possessed a similar ability, but they had a very hard time drawing energy from the undead.
That was because the negative energy which served as the undead lifeforce was harmful to them.
However, Vampires or Wights ― as fellow undead ― did not have that problem.

Lost levels could be recovered by earning the experience for them or by using high-tier divine spells such as [Reviving Restore] to regain them.
However, the latter would only restore one level.
If someone had three or five levels forcibly drained from them, they would only be able to restore part of what they had lost.

There was a class which had remained undiscovered until the end of YGGDRASIL which offered level-draining as a class skill.
It was a way to decrease levels without resorting to the death penalty.
In addition, in this New World where friendly fire was enabled by default, one could level up again and thus rebuild one’s skills.
Thus, it was not just a means of offence, but a way to strengthen an ally by finetuning them.

Keeno’s Vampire Princess levels were job class levels.
Class levels represented a way of life.
There was no telling how they could change or grow,
It was entirely possible for an orphan to become a knight who protected a princess, or for a simple village girl to become a mighty general.
In addition, when one’s job class levels improved, one might learn new skills.
Perhaps this hidden drain ability had developed because her Vampire Princess class had increased through knowing the meaning of true love.

By the time she came to, she was already in Satoru’s arms.
She felt guilty, but at the same time, satisfied.
Her eyes were hot and her vision was blurry.

“Are you so hungry that you’re crying?”

It was not hunger, but thirst.
If she made any sound, she really would cry, so Keeno simply shook her head to indicate “no”.
Due to the difference in their levels, Keeno’s physical abilities were far inferior to Satoru’s, so she could not overcome his defensive strength.
Therefore, this could only have been possible because he had deliberately disabled his passive skills and removed his items.
He really was naive… and sweet, and gentle.

“Ah… ahhhhh…”

What frightened her was the fact that she found that the energy from Satoru was delicious.
The act of regarding someone important to her as food was typical of Shalltear Bloodfallen. A born vampire would never be troubled by such a thing.
Loving someone so much you wanted to gobble them up.
The act of sucking blood was a show of Vampiric “affection”.
Waiting to take the passion (life) of an attractive person for one’s own was like how a human woman might want to be seeded by a person they loved.

It was hard for a Vampire Princess with a human’s heart to understand this.
She had not lived long enough as a Vampire.
It was unforgivable for a Vampire Princess in the throes of her first love.
That was because she did not know that taking from her partner was a form of love.
She could no longer bear it, and Keeno wept.

This was the first time she had been frightened of her Vampiric self.
She realised that this was a first love that could never bear fruit.
The girl made up her mind.
The end of her journey with Satoru was drawing near.
Thus, she wished for the happiness of her beloved―

The term “Vampire Princess” did not refer to someone like Snow White (a human), who was loved by a prince, but a mermaid princess (a monster) who wished for her partner to be happy.
Thus, she had lost her voice (her true intentions), and every step she took on dry land was accompanied by suffering.

The next day, Keeno began spending time with Satoru again.
In turn, the girl’s smile changed.
It was as distant as the sun in winter, subtly revealing her feelings.
Her transparent smile was not like that of the undead, but like a terminal patient who knew her time had come.


“Say, I’d like to hear about your friends, Satoru.”

In order to cheer up Keeno, who smiled less often now Satoru spent every day talking to her.
The memories of his past friends.
Those were the happiest days of his life, the days on which he had gladly spent his time, passion and money.
His voice heated up and his eyes gleamed as they returned to that time.
At that time, Satoru had not yet realized it.
Keeno was happy because she saw the person she loved being happy,

...I’ve decided. As I thought, the name should be―

“Come to think of it, what have you been doing lately, Keeno?”

“What do you mean?”

Satoru observed the time she spent apart from him, and sensed that she was doing something.

“If you don’t tell me, I won’t tell you stories about my friends.”

Faced with this ultimatum, Keeno reluctantly spoke.

“...I’ve been developing a new spell.”

The girl’s hobby was developing and practicing new spells.
In the past, Satoru had accepted the perfume which her studies had yielded.
Since she was an earth elementalist, did it have something to do with crystals?

“What sort of spell is it?”

“That’s a secret~

She would not tell him no matter how much he threatened or begged.

“I’ll definitely show it to you when I’m done, Satoru,” she said.

“Well, I can’t help being interested! In that case, how about a hint?”


“So you want me to play a trick on you then, if you don’t give me a hint?”

“You can do anything you want to me, Satoru.”


Keeno thrust out her tiny chest.

That’s not what I meant by trick! He wanted to shout that, but he was intimidated by the memory of touching her that day.
He had never liked keeping secrets, and if this went on, it would no longer be fun.
In addition, he did not like losing, so he came out and said―

“If you give me a hint, I’ll let you drain me.”


The girl’s face turned pale, and Satoru immediately regretted his poor choice of words.
Keeno had used her [Energy Drain] on him several days ago. Fortunately, Satoru’s ability scores and levels had not decreased.
The amount of experience needed for a level 99 mage to reach level 100 was in a completely different league from the amount that a mid-ranked mage needed to go up one level.
Perhaps their level difference had been too great and Keeno, being immature, could not drain him.
Even so, Keeno had taken enough energy to sate her thirst for several days.

“...I’m sorry, the fault is mine. I won’t ask again, so please forgive me.”

“It’s fine. I told you just now, right? You can do anything you want to me, Satoru.”

Keeno shook her head a little, and then she pressed her head to Satoru’s chest.
He could not see her face because her head was lowered.
The girl gave him a hint:

“It’s a spell that you’ll never be able to break, Satoru.”

That was a bold statement to make.
Satoru was a magic caster too, and he was naturally confident in his own abilities.
He laughed on purpose, to clear away the gloomy mood he had brought down upon them.

“Is that it? Sounds like super-tier magic and World-Class Items.”

“World-Class Items?”

They were extraordinary magic items which possessed power enough to rival an entire world.
RIght now, Satoru possessed one too, but it was best to keep that a secret.
After briefly summarizing them for her, Keeno muttered to herself.

“But you know, you’re the whole world to me, Satoru.”

Satoru could feel the outpouring of love through his chest from this point-blank love confession.
It was not an explosion of emotion, but a quiet warmth like an overflowing vessel, and his emotion override did not activate.
He reached out to Keeno’s face.
He caressed Keeno’s tiny mouth, its lips and teeth aligned.

This was not an accident,
Neither was it a token of affection bestowed upon her cheeks or forehead.
This was the first time Satoru had clearly displayed his intentions.

Tears stained the cheeks of the crybaby girl’s face.
Satoru did not doubt that those were tears of joy.
The crybaby girl sobbed from deep inside her throat.
She was struggling against the sinful impulses from within her.

This unexpected happiness only accelerated her despair
Even so, she did not begrudge Satoru for anything he did to her.
By accepting Keeno, itcontinued her growth towards the maximum level of the Vampire Princess class.

And then ― the day came when the girl’s spell was completed.

Final Chapter: OVERLORD - 2 of 3

Their pace had slowed down.
They passed through the forest, and came to the foothills of a mountain that was far from human habitation.
Two forms snuggled within the magical cottage as the cold night wind blew.
He was resistant to the cold, but his heart was warm.

“Say, tell me a story about you today, just like always.”

Keeno’s badgering him had become a daily routine, and Satoru recalled his days in Ainz Ooal Gown.
He had finished telling her about its golden age, and now he was telling her about Nine’s Own Goal.

“―And that was how Touch-san saved me.”

At first, he had been alone.
When an unfair calamity descended upon him, a man who would become his friend reached out a helping hand to him, and they had spent memorable times together.
Ahh, I understand that feeling.
That was because to Keeno, her journey with Satoru was her golden age.
Just being by his side filled her with so much love that it hurt.
Halfway through, as the girl’s feelings began responding to him, she hid the fact that she was tasting the blood from her throat― no, from where her small fangs had nicked her tongue.

“That’s all. There’s nothing else for me to say.”

“Is that really it?”

“Well, for now.”

“So it’s over…”

After hearing Satoru speak, Keeno closed her eyes.
She savored the feeling of the words “it’s over” in her heart.
After sampling the silence countless times, the girl opened her mouth to speak.

“...Satoru. I’ve finished a spell.:”

“Oh? The new spell you were talking about?”

“Umu. I’ll show you tomorrow.”

The girl’s knees trembled under the Robe of the Salamander.
Punitto Moe had taught Satoru this, and Satoru had in turn imparted it to her:

“Victory is decided before the battle begins.”

What one learned from a master could be better understood when one taught it to one’s disciples
The truth was, Satoru had already been revising and going over what he had learned when he had tutored Keeno.
Satoru was the wildcard who was the pride of Ainz Ooal Gown.
With his incredible versatility, he should have been able to stop Keeno’s new spell.

Therefore, as she listened to Satoru’s recollections, she made a wish, and gave the spell a name.
“A spell which Satoru would never be able to break.”
She had made that result her aim.
The original spell which Keeno had devised was called [Nazarick].
And its effects were―

            ※  ※  ※

It was an expanse of barren rock, bereft of any vegetation.
It was the ideal place to test spells.
Since it was far away from civilization, they would not have to worry about any damage caused being seen by others.
The two magic casters kept at an appropriate distance as they faced each other.

Satoru’s magic resistance was independent of the caster’s level; it simply negated all low and mid-tier spells.
Keeno was a mid-level magic caster and her spells were also mid-tier, so he could examine her spells by taking them head on.
Therefore, the girl had an ideal opportunity.

“First, I want to say this―”

After that preamble, the Vampire Princess bowed deeply.

“I’m very glad that I got to live with you… Satoru.”

“What’s this all about?”

“I won’t forget our journey. Not a single bit of it.”


When he looked at the girl face as she raised her head, Satoru could not speak.
If this were the usual Keeno, she ought to be embarrassed or blushing.
However, right now, Keeno’s face was pale and stiff ― icy cold, as though she had resolved herself for something great.
For some reason, a tremendous sense of restlessness filled Satoru’s chest, and he went on his guard.

“Our journey is going to end. This is farewell. Satoru, you―”

“Hey! Wait, what are you…”

“You should leave me here..”


His emotion override triggered immediately, wiping away Satoru’s shock and confusion.
Those intense emotions were the best proof that Satoru had once been alive.

“What did I do to make you hate me, Keeno? Why are you saying goodbye?”

Keeno said nothing, but shook her head.

“So, you do hate me, after all?”


I love you… but just as she was about to say it, pain filled her chest and she could not speak.
She could feel her canines slowly lengthening.
As the thirst filled her throat, she wanted to reach out to Satoru.
Ahhh, it’s no good.
She loved him so much that she had trouble breathing.
It would have all been over if she could just hold out for a few minutes, but now her impulses were swallowing her.

She could not bid Satoru farewell in this unsightly way.
SInce this was her last goodbye, she ought to do her best and show him a perfect smile.
She had practiced it over and over again in a mirror of magically conjured crystal, and she now showed him the fruits of her studies.

She should have been very good at it.
She should have cast aside her lingering attachment.

“Bye bye, Satoru. Please be happy.”

The girl hurriedly continued speaking as her tears almost leaked out.

“I hope you’ll meet someone with huge boobs―”

That had not been necessary at all.
She smiled at the wicked idea that had come unbidden to her mind.
Thus, at the end, right until the end, she kept a smile on her face for Satoru.


In contrast with Keeno’s smile, Satoru had broken out in a cold sweat as he fell into thought.
He had not done anything to make her dislike him.
She did not hate him either.
Keeno herself had denied that. He was not mistaken.

Even so, she had said, “my journey is over.”
She was going to “say goodbye here”.
Why now?
That was because ― she was showing off her new spell.

“Bye. Bye. Satoru. Please. Be. Happy.”

Thanks to her words, his hunch solidified into certainty.
She liked him, but she was going to bid him farewell anyway.
If she simply wanted to bid him goodbye, she could just have teleported away.
There was no doubt about it; Keeno’s new spell was extremely dangerous.

“[Time Stop].”

In that instant, Satoru stopped time with a Silent Magic spell.
While time was stopped, he could not harm his opponents, and neither could his opponents harm him, so spells would be ineffective.
Therefore, he had to use Delay Magic and time the activation of his next spell so that it would go off just as the [Time Stop] ended. It was a defensive tactic against spells.

“A spell which Satoru will never be able to break.”

If Keeno’s hint was correct, then there ought to be a way for her to break through his defenses
Satoru had no intention of relaxing in even the slightest.
He would deal with the new spell before it fully completed.
Satoru was still on his guard as time began to move once more.

“I hope you’ll meet someone with huge boobs―”

When he heard those words, Satoru immediately used a cash item to stop time once more.
Frankly speaking, it annoyed him.
Yes, he did like big breasts.
However, love was an emotion, and it was divorced from logic and common sense.
Now that his feelings for her had budded, making light of the fact that he liked her only served to incense him.

Satoru made up his mind.
Even if Keeno apologized in tears, he would force her to confront it with a blushing face.
He would make her happy, and let her know how much he loved her.
In order to do that, he would also need to seal off her new spell.

During the course of the second [Time Stop], he had cast [Ultimate Disturb] on the girl in conjunction with a Delay Spell metamagic modifier.
This unavoidable trap was only possible in this New World, where friendly fire was possible.

The 10th-tier spell [Ultimate Disturb] vastly increased an ally’s magic resistance, but in exchange, it wrecked their spellcasting ability.
In other words, this was the bane of all mages.

“Sorry about that, but I’ll be sealing off your magic now, Keeno. I don’t know what you had in mind, but you can show me your new spell next―”

“Your flaw is that you always sold yourself short, Satoru.”

The girl’s words drowned out his declaration of victory.

”I knew I’d be going up against you, Satoru, so I paid the utmost attention to devise the best strategy possible. However, I could not think of any way to get the better of you, Satoru. When all my thoughts led to a dead end, all I could think of was the way to win which Punitto Moe showed you, and which you entrusted to me.”

“Keeno, don’t tell me―”

“Mm. Satoru, my new spell has the fatal flaw of being extremely slow, be it in casting or taking effect.”

It was best to cast spells quickly.
In contrast to that theory, super-tier spells had long casting times, like ritual magic.
This new spell disregarded practicality in favor of pure power.

“If you know the properties and effects of your spells, you can fit them together skilfully. If they’re too slow, you can use Delay Magic to adjust the timing to compensate.”

“The battle is over before it’s even begun.”

After planning and preparing, she had emulated the lessons from Punitto Moe which she had been taught, and had finished incanting her spell by the time she had faced Satoru down.
Even Satoru, the wildcard who was the pride of Ainz Ooal Gown, ought to have trouble dealing with that.

If it were fire or lightning, he could observe them visually.
He could sense it if it were a healing and teleportation spell.
He could dispel speed and strength buffs with countermagic.
He could bring down summons and barriers before or after they were cast.

However, the progress of an invisible curse could not be seen by the eyes. This was especially true if it did not cause pain or injury.

Satoru was a magic caster who specialized in necromancy.
Those were diametrically opposed to divine spells, which were adept at breaking curses. If asked if he was familiar or unfamiliar, he would have
In this way, she had taken care of range and speed, while levels and magical defenses were a non-issue.
The new spell’s target was Keeno herself, and the point of origin lay within the spellcaster’s body.

“A spell which Satoru won’t be able to break.”

Its name was [Spirit Tomb (Nazarick)].
It forced the undead to slumber, granting them long-lost comfort.
The dead would rest in peace within the earth.
It was a curse devised by Keeno the elementalist, one that could breach even the mental immunities of the undead.
Sleeping spells were originally the province of the illusion school of magic. The fact that Keeno had developed it using divine magic, the nemesis of the undead, showed the extent of her preparation.
She had chosen a slumber from which she would not wake.
It was just like being interred in a tomb.
As she heard Satoru’s deeply-rooted conviction through his words, her love overlapped with the thirst that was eating away at her.

“Bye bye, Satoru. Please be happy.”

The activated curse had coursed through the girl’s body since the sun had risen.
There were only three seconds left, like a countdown.
Even if Satoru used spells and cash items to cast [Time Stop], his spell cooldowns would not be able to make it in time.
Thanks to the interference of [Ultimate Disturb], she was protected from Satoru’s magic.
Even if he dispelled it, there was nothing he could do.

One second left―

Satoru cast his spell and looked at her.
Keeno did nothing, simply met Satoru’s gaze.
After searing the form of her beloved into her eyes, she closed them.
This was fine.
It was better to say her goodbyes here than risk her instincts going out of control and causing a tragedy.
Satoru would surely be very angry.
Therefore, as her punishment, Keeno hoped that he would forget her and find happiness with someone else.

Because my world (Satoru) is over.

Darkness rushed in, swallowing Keeno’s mind.
As Satoru used a silent [Greater Teleportation] to close in on her, the girl slowly collapsed into the crook of Satoru’s arm.


Satoru was certain that Keeno could only cast spells of the 5th tier at most.
However, she had awakened to her nature as a Vampire Princess.
Satoru was an outside context problem for this New World.
The experience she had gained from him via [Energy Drain] was enough for her to leave humanity behind and reach the 6th tier of spells.

If she used Over Magic on top of that, she could cast spells two tiers higher than she could originally reach.
Take for instance a level 17 Lizardman priestess. She could use a Mass Cure spell of the 5th tier that she should never have been able to cast.
Indeed, the [Spirit Tomb (Nazarick)] was an 8th tier spell, and with the aid of the Boosted Magic metamagic modifier, the new spell would be strengthened to the level of a 10th-tier spell.
Satoru could easily boost a 1st-tier spell to the 10th-tier, but but was all Keeno could do to boost a spell by two tiers.

This two-fold augmentation had taxed her reserves of mana to their limit.
Once the new spell [Spirit Tomb (Nazarick)] was cast, Keeno’s MP would be wiped out, literally deciding victory in a single stroke.
Due to its immense magic resistance and the complex structure of the spell, breaking the curse was extremely difficult, and she would sleep forever.
This spell was named after a place of which her beloved had spoken, a Great Tomb filled with precious memories for him.

“...Why, why did you do this…”

Satoru found a slip of paper on the fallen girl.
It told of the Vampire Princess’ urge to suck blood, and how she had decided to put an end to it.
Of the frustration she had gone through when she had used her Energy Drain on Satoru.
Upon it was written what had happened to Keeno, and what had happened to her until now.
And there was one sentence which explained why she had written all that.

“Satoru did nothing wrong.”

The girl did not wish to cause him pain, and so she clumsily and straightforwardly wrote it all down on the paper.
It was just like the princess who had lost her voice (mermaid princess) in order to wish for her prince’s happiness.

“Did you really think I would say, ‘alright, see you then’ and just leave things like this?”

Satoru still had a card up his sleeve..

It was an extremely rare item, a ring called Shooting Star.

The super-tier spell [Wish Upon A Star] was only available to level 95 magic casters, and this supreme cash item allowed him to use it three times with no expenditure of experience required.
Originally, it only granted random wish choices (each one costing 10% of his experience total), up to a maximum of ten choices.
There were over 200 potential choices, some of which were extremely useful. Since it had no cast time, one could say it was a superior version of the original super-tier spell.

If he could draw on the resources of the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick’s treasury, Satoru would have used them without a second thought.
There were World-Class Items that could grant wishes.
It also contained divine and spiritual-type recovery and curse-breaking items, though they were inferior to a spell directly cast by a capable magic caster.
However, he did not have the Treasury, and his stock of items was limited.
In addition, there was one more thing.
It was the same reason why he had not tried to look for his friends from Ainz Ooal Gown with the Ring of Shooting Stars.
If he used the Ring and still could not find them, his despair would be certain.
If it gave him random choices, all three uses might end up being wasted.

Satoru did not know this.
In this New World, the Ring’s abilities were completely different.
By expending 500% of his experience total ― by dropping five levels ― he could guarantee that his wish would be granted and create a miracle.

The ring ought to be the last of all last resorts, only to be used after he had exhausted every other option.
Satoru thought about it.
Ultimately, even if the Ring granted his wish and dispelled the curse, the problem would not be solved.
Keeno’s urge to suck blood would still remain.
How about using a second wish to make it go away?
That would not work.
That urge was a form of courtship unique to the Vampire Princess ― Keeno would surely object to eliminating such a form of romance.
Ultimately, it was because of his feelings for her.
There would be no point in living with her if there was no love between them.

In truth, Satoru’s decision not to use the Ring had been the right one.
Much like with resurrection spells, there were cases where attempts to break curses had failed without the consent of the victim.
Death could be a reprieve from unbearable suffering, and curses were simply the opposite side of a blessing.
Moreover, Keeno had cast the spell upon herself.

Perhaps the Ring that was seen as omnipotent was actually flawed.
The shitty developers whom the players of YGGDRASIL so deeply trusted had always operated along the principle of “exploring the unknown”, and so they had left World-Class Items which exceeded super-tier magic behind as well as ways to find and deal with them.
Therefore, in order to dispel the mental domination of [Downfall of Castle and Country], one would need to die and be resurrected, use the effects of a World-Class Item, or to have a World-Class Item equipped.


Satoru carried Keeno’s sleeping form into the magic cottage, and sat down beside her after laying her on a bed.
Due to the shock of the incident, his undead body ― which should not have felt any fatigue ― suddenly felt tremendously heavy from tiredness.

“Wake up, Keeno. If you don’t wake up, I’ll destroy all the neighboring countries.”
The girl did not answer. She simply slept like a corpse.

“The Slaine Theocracy won’t even last three days. If you don’t wake up, I might end up destroying the world, to say nothing of conquering it.”
The girl did not answer. She simply slept like a corpse.

“Come on, please wake up, Keeno. I don’t need the world or anything. Just wake up and let me hear your voice.
The girl did not answer. The only sound in the room came from Satoru, who was making faces to amuse her.


His emotion override calmed him down, but Satoru’s sadness remained.
He could not cry, but the gloominess in his heart formed dark clouds over his soul.

“I was happy, you know…”

When his guildmates left, he had seen them off one by one, lingering until the very last day of YGGDRASIL’s service.
The guild had slowly declined from its glory days.
Unlike then, his journey with Keeno had abruptly ended
He had not noticed the girl’s suffering, simply spent each day in happiness.
The journey was not yet over.
He understood the girl’s problems now.
In that case, there was only one thing he ought to be doing.

“But you know, you’re the whole world to me, Satoru.”

“A spell which Satoru will never be able to defeat.”

He thought back on what Keeno had said.

In other words―

“An absolute spell, unbreakable even by the world (Satoru)… well done, Keeno. Then, shouldn’t we see if it’s really true?”

One person could change the world.
They might be slaves who achieved their freedom.
They might be athletes who had achieved a record that nobody else had attained before.
They might be scientists who revolutionized their fields, or doctors who eradicated a disease.

Even humans could change the world.
Then, what could someone beyond a human being (an Overlord) do?

X Days Later

Good news arrived in the surrounding nations.
The secret society Zuranon, which employed wicked arts, had been destroyed.
Nobody knew that the organization’s research and ritual materials ― for conducting the Death Spiral ― had been wholly confiscated.

X Years Later

Good news reached the Slaine Theocracy by way of the Windflower Scripture.
The number of monstrous attacks on humanity had decreased.
In particular, the number of Vampire attacks had dwindled.
It was as though someone had exterminated the entire Vampire race to the point where there were no longer any sightings of Vampires.
They had no idea why they had vanished.

There were rumors that they had been used as test subjects to break a curse, but it was laughed off as being too far-fetched and soon forgotten.

X Years Later

The Draconic Kingdom received good news
They were free from the horror of the neverending invasions of the Beastman Kingdoms.
At first, people suspected there had been some sort of mistake.
That was because the report stated that the Beastman Kingdoms had vanished from the face of the earth in the span of three days.
In three hours, that opinion was corrected as the news was verified as accurate.

The person who had wiped them out was a magic caster called Momonga.
However, the Draconic Kingdom spread his name as “Warmonger”.
They did not amend that mistake.

After all, it was simply a name.
More to the point, calling a one-sided slaughter a war would be compounding that mistake.

X Years Later

A new ruler came to power upon the land where the Beastman Kingdoms had died.
Said ruler was a magic caster.
Needless to say, the Draconic Kingdom celebrated the ascension of their savior to the throne.

And then, had any travellers in this New World ever looked at their maps?
To the east of the Draconic Kingdom was a treacherous mountain range.
To its west was a massive lake, and across its distant shores was the Slaine Theocracy.
To the north was the Katze Plains, where the undead frequently spawned.
And to the south was what had once been the Beastman Kingdoms.

In other words, the Draconic Kingdom was fenced in by mountains and lakes, and penned in by the Katze Plains and the remnants of the former beastman Kingdoms. If there was a being who could take control of the undead upon the Katze Plains, the Draconic Kingdom would suffer a terrible pincer attack.

The Plains were frequently shrouded by mist, so there was no telling when they might launch an attack.

XX Years Later

The Landfall Incident, where countries were destroyed or absorbed one after the other, took place.
Or perhaps it was the phenomenon where hordes of the undead surrounded a central area, forming a “Death Spiral”.

At this branch of possibilities, the credit a girl called Evileye had taken had instead been stolen away.
The “Landfall” that held half the continent in its grasp still had some things which were beyond its reach.

XXX Years Later

A fly demon appeared.
A demonic tree appeared.
Demon Gods appeared throughout the land, spreading disaster in their wake. Almost all of them were wiped out by the matchless magic caster.
He had not done it for the sake of the world.
It was simply because a room where a girl slept lay in the path of their advance.


She dreamt sparsely, and in so doing she faced her unconscious nature.
She had attained the maximum level in the Vampire Princess class.
In addition―
She had known love.
She had received a ring.
She had given her body to someone else.
And so, the Princess who had filled all three requirements―

How had it all turned out like this?
Perhaps if she were with her beloved, she would have gladly chosen “that”.
But it was meaningless.
If she could be with him, nothing else mattered.
If she could not be with him, nothing else mattered.

In the moonless night of a darkened world, the girl responded to something.
There would be a way, as long as she wanted it.

Many things had happened ever since she had made contact with him.
She had subconsciously acknowledged it, and had started to change.
Someone else had acknowledged her, and formed a pact with her.
The two joined together and formed the Vampire Princess in question―


“...Are you awake?”

Her mind was blurred, and an unfamiliar voice reached her.
She opened her eyes, and saw a tall man whose skin was so dark it looked like he had been sunburned.
He wore red clothing of a make she had not seen before, neatly fitted to his entire body.
And he had a tail with sharp spikes ― wait, a tail!?

Suddenly awake, the girl hurriedly rose.
The girl trembled as she went on her guard upon the bed in the expansive, luxurious room.
She recognized the species of the being before her.
This man was a ridiculously powerful demon.

A demon?

Ah, was that so?

She had done a terrible thing to Satoru.
It only made sense that she would be punished in hell.
She recalled her final memories, and the girl let her arms fall limply by her side.

“It seems you are still quite confused. Greetings. My name is Demiurge, a creation of the 41 Creators―”

41 people.

When she heard that familiar number, the girl raised her head and went “huh?”

“Do you know Satoru!?”

“Ohh, that would be Momonga-sama’s true name. The Satoru in Satoru-sama’s name means “enlightenment”; a phenomenon that exists for the divine ― mm, truly a fitting name. May I know what you intend by mentioning it so casually?”

His tone was polite, but there seemed to be anger behind those words.

She bowed her head in apology, and asked if she could see “Momonga-sama”. THe man told her the name of that magic caster (avatar’s name).
She knew that Satoru must have been a king or a noble, someone who wielded absolute power.
Did that mean Satoru’s full name was Satoru Suzuki Momonga?

She wanted to meet Satoru.
However, she was too ashamed to face him after doing all that.
Fortunately, she no longer felt thirsty when she thought of Satoru, but she ought to leave this place soon.

Therefore, she needed to gather information.
In order to bait more conversation out of her counterpart, the girl considered what sort of conversation starters men would favor.
If he was a loyal vassal, then perhaps she ought to start with his liege lord ― well, it would be embarrassing to begin with Satoru, so perhaps she should start by praising his creator.

“Demiurge-san… I heard from Satoru...sama that you were made by Ulbert-san… sama, is that right? He’s a greater magic caster than me, Satoru...sama once said.”

She had brought up the subject in an unfamiliar way, but it had led to an unexpecyed response.

“How… do you…?”

Was it shock? Did he not know much about Ulbert-san?

“How much do you know about my creator?”

“Well, I know about the nine people from before Ainz Ooal Gown was founded―”


After seeing the naked shock on the man’s face, the startled girl scrabbled back on the bed.
What was going on? It was all too strange.
“Then, then please tell me in detail!” There was a look of delight on his face, which immediately changed to one of contemplation “...I see, so that’s why,” he mumbled to himself.

After that, he looked calmly at the girl.

And then―

“Unfortunately, the story of Ulbert-sama will have to wait, because time is short right now. However, I have just received a [Message]. It would seem Momonga-sama is about to arrive.”

“...Satoru’s coming?”

“Mm, indeed. I understand why you look so dejected. After all, you have not had the chance to bathe or change, and as a woman, allowing others to see you in your freshly-awoken state must be a terrible disgrace.

No, that was not it at all.
Satoru had seen her after she had woke up countless times ― and while her heart protested, she noticed that she could not add “-sama” after Satoru’s name.
Why had Demiurge-san not noticed it?
“By the way, you do know that teleportation spells are useless here, right? That is because this place has been warded by teleport interference to keep out uninvited guests.”

He had started off with that warning.
Therefore, would Satoru not be teleporting here?

“While it might be a little strange to ask so late, could you tell me where this place is, Demiurge-san?”

The archdemon who had left the room to meet his master heard the girl’s question, and turned back before reaching the door.

“This is the land formerly occupied by the nation known as the Slaine Theocracy.

It was a country which Momonga-sama invaded in order to secure its divine magic casters, so as to lift your curse. It is now one of many provinces within the Kingdom of Nazarick, which I administer on Momonga-sama’s behalf.”

Final Chapter: OVERLORD - 3 of 3

Demiurge stepped out of the room, and smiled to his comrade.
Said comrade was a warrior who looked like a blue insect.
He was the ruler of the Lizardman tribes, the swamp where the amphibious monsters dwelled, as well as the adjacent Azellisian Mountain Range, home of the Frost Dragons ― Cocytus.

“Are you going to take responsibility for Momonga-sama’s security? You are a leader, after all; why not hand the task to your subordinates and perform your kingly duties?”

“You. Are. One. To. Talk. Demiurge.”

The two people in front of the door grinned.
They might have been granted domains by the will of the Supreme One, but if possible, they would rather stay within their respective Floors within Nazarick.

“While it is the will of the merciful one who refused to abandon us right until the end, I did not expect him to actually conquer the entire world for the sake of a mere girl.”

“And. Then? What. Of. The. Girl?”

“Ah, she woke safe and sound. Regarding her, I feel she might be one of Momonga-sama’s carefully-laid plans.”

The girl would probably become a member of Nazarick.
However, the denizens of Nazarick all tended to scorn the people of the outside world.
With that in mind, Demiurge had already surmised from his conversation with the girl the reason why Momonga-sama had given his true name to the girl and told her his story.

She was a girl who knew about the past glories and the tales of the Supreme Beings.
To the NPCs, stories about the ones who had created them were like unto creation myths.
To the denizens of Nazarick, her value would be priceless, and she would surely be elevated to a superior position.

“Will. She. Become. A. New Resident. Of. The. Great. Underground. Tomb. (Nazarick)?”

“Having the most sacred Great Underground Tomb become a fish market is hardly a welcome event. However, that is not what concerns you, no? You are thinking about the birth of yet another candidate for the position of Momonga-sama’s consort, no?”

Both of them wanted their final master to have descendants.
Cocytus in particular, was ecstatic to the point of dancing as he dreamed of becoming the Young Master’s protector.

“To. Me. The Most. Important. Thing. Is. Momonga-sama. Having. An. Heir. The. Identity. Of. The. Mother. Is. Irrelevant. Thus. Having. More. Potential. Consorts. Is. A. Good. Thing. With. An. Additional. Candidate. They. Will. Have. To. Get. Serious. And. Exhibit. Behavior. Fitting. Of. A. Consort.”

Aura aside, the other two were in a complacent state, butting heads about who would be chosen to be the first consort.
It was hard to say such behavior was fitting of their exalted master, who ruled everything and worked tirelessly.

“Momonga-sama’s. Joy. Is. Our. Joy. I. Hope. He. Will. Be. Happy.”

“While I feel the same way, the way you put it sounds like you are Momonga-sama’s bride.”

“Muu. Forgive. My. Lack. Of. Respect.”

“Well, if it makes him happy, then we will have to close one eye to certain things.”

For instance, not appending -sama to his name.
As he mused in his heart, Demiurge and his colleague bent the knee along with his colleague, and they bowed.
The sound of their master’s footsteps reached their ears.


Keeno turned away the moment she heard the knock on the door, pulling the sheets over her as she lay on the bed.
Her guilt drove her to reflexively pretend she was sleeping, but she immediately regretted that.
If Satoru had truly believed she had done something wrong, he would not have come to meet her.

She might as well cast [Spirit Tomb (Nazarick)] again ― no, there was nowhere near enough time for that.

She heard the door opening.
She heard the sound of footsteps approaching.
The girl squeezed her eyes shut, so tense she could not move, trying to listen with her entire body.

The gentle sensation of a skeletal hand grazed across her scalp.
Ah… she thought, and her eyes filled with a warm wetness.
Her body was filled with bliss.

“―Aren’t you going to say anything?”

The tears in the girl’s eyes flooded over in an instant.
Keeno wept, and then she rose to her feet and clutched his head tightly.
Her voice was hoarse and her lips and teeth with stiff as she whispered, “I’m sorry” over and over again.

“Well, the fact that you’re a crybaby hasn’t changed.”

The fault lay with the person shedding those tears.
He had been told over and over again that it could not be helped, but yet Satoru only had kind words for her.

“All this while, I’ve been waiting for this day, Keeno.”

His tone did not sound like Momonga the stern ruler, but only Satoru, the one around whom her thoughts revolved.
Gently, carefully, like he was picking up something fragile, Satoru closed his arms behind Keeno’s back.
After uncountable years of slumber, enfolded in his gentle embrace, the tears poured without end from the girl’s crimson eyes.


“It’s been 200 years.”

After Keeno stopped crying, she asked about the state of the world, and Satoru explained.

“In order to deal with the Vampire Princess’ impulses, I needed to rework your vampirization from the beginning, and understanding the ritual for that took 50 years.
In addition, I had to find a place for you to sleep, so I had to make a safe space.
The Slaine Theocracy kept trying to interfere in various ways, so I built a force to fight them and then founded a nation.
I conquered the surrounding nations or allied with them, and finishing my perimeter against the Theocracy took about 50 years.

Oh yes, I also served as a councillor in the Agrand Council Alliance.
I conquered the Katze Plains and formed a grand alliance of demihumans and heteromorphs.
The remaining 100 years was spent stabilizing my rule and researching a way to break your curse…”

It was so amazing that she could not speak.
He had managed it because he was one of the undead, who did not need to sleep or rest and had no concept of a lifespan ― it would be impossible without that crucial element.

“So I conquered the world in search of a way to lift the curse and forged the United Kingdom of Nazarick in the process. If I had known that the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick would be coming in another 200 years, it would have made my life easier…”

She did not know what Satoru was talking about.
Could it be that the nations ruled by the seven Guardians covered the entirety of the continent?

“There’s no distinction between humans, demihumans and heteromorphs. All of them are my subjects.”

It was as far-fetched as a dream.
I had dreamt when I was asleep.
The dream ― come to think of it, Satoru said he had broken the [Spirit Tomb (Nazarick)], but how had he done it?
Also, my throat no longer feels dry when I look and speak with Satoru. Did he remove my bloodlust?

“Two magic casters gave me a hint toward the solution.”

One of them was a skilled necromancer, Rigrit Bers Carau.
He had met her 150 years ago, when she was young. She told him that since the Vampire Princess’s slumber is a curse, he should not try to break the curse, but work an even more powerful curse on top of it.

“Since the Vampire Princess is one of the undead, does she not fall within the specialty of necromancers like ourselves?”

Until then, Satoru had been obsessed with breaking the curse, and that idea inspired him.

After that, he had met one more person ― the great magic caster Fluder Paradyne.

He had modified the [Summon Undead 6th] spell into an original spell that could take control of an undead being, replicating the clergy’s ability to command the undead through the power of arcane magic.

It could not take control of a level 35 Death Knight, but when Satoru learned about it, he made his own application of it.

[Dominate Undead]

It was a necromantic spell that was based on the [Summon Undead 10th] spell, boosted by various magical effects, and further augmented by Satoru’s own racial skills.

Vampires were monsters who sired offspring by draining the blood of their victims and turning them into their descendants.
This bond was an absolute master-slave relationship.
No vampires existed who obeyed their progenitor(their master) out of love and respect. This spell was intended to create such a situation.

“When I finished the spell, that necromancer had become a granny. She told me this:

“Now that you can enforce your will on a Vampire Lord, you have truly become an Overlord.”

“In other words…”

“I won’t apologize for this, Keeno Fasris Inberun. Thus do I command you, my vassal―”

The vassal, a Vampire Princess, met the eyes of the Underground Tomb’s ruler.
She would not be allowed to look away or stop up her ears.
Anything he said, she would have to obey no matter the cost―

“Don’t leave me alone again, please…!”


Keeno accepted the sincere plea of her absolute ruler.
Since Satoru did not cry, Keeno wept on his behalf.

This was a new twist in the tale, where the mermaid princess did not lose her voice.
The sleeping beauty had awoken, the proof of a happy ending.
She did not have seven dwarves to attend her like Snow White, but instead she had been invited to a Kingdom with seven battle maids―

The Vampire Princess took a new step forward.

Keeno’s journey had ended.

However long the journey, it would eventually take one back home.
And so, the girl whose hometown had been destroyed and the man who was stranded in a New World with no way back returned to their new home.
And its name was Nazarick.


In the dead of night, inside a room, Satoru and Keeno sat facing each other.
They had forgotten about the passage of time as they played their little game, and so the girl had gotten a little excited.
Satoru had led her to a somewhat dangerous place.
At first, Keeno had been afraid, but she was used to it now.
Or rather, it was Satoru was the one who was hesitating.

Satoru supported it with his hands and pushed the tip against the entrance.
How would he penetrate this slit tonight?
Every climax messed up their surroundings, so he had to clean up before they could continue their games again.
He would not finish so early this time.
He would press against Keeno as long as possible, until he got the better of her.

“You’re pulling out now when you’ve come this far?”

“You’re still leading me, aren’t you?”

“No! Satoru, make sure you do it properly!”

Satoru made up his mind and forcefully jammed it all the way in.
In the moment when he filled that tiny space, from the hard tip all the way down to the base--


It spewed all over, and Keeno cried out.
Satoru was disappointed.
When she saw his face, the girl smiled, then puffed her chest out as if to declare, I win.

The Six Great Gods of the Slaine Theocracy had left toys behind, such as the Rubik’s Cube.
One of them was called Pop-Up Pirate, and it could be played by two people.
The fact that she took such delight in a toy like that proved that Keeno was still a child.
It can’t be helped. Shall I go all out now?

“Ehh~ are we still doing it?”

“I won’t let you cut and run. If you don’t do it, I won’t pat your head any more, Keeno. No hugs either.”
“Ah well, there’s nothing to be done about it. But Satoru? You’re banned from using [Time Stop], okay?”
“...O-of course.”

After that, Satoru was made painfully aware of the phrase “beginner’s luck”
Looking back, he mused that he should have used [Greater Luck] and [Paranormal Intuition].


There was something strange about the fact that Keeno had been accepted into the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick… or rather, the United Kingdom of Nazarick.
She was a Vampire Princess protected by the Supreme Being Momonga ― or Satoru.
Nobody accurately understood the nature of their relationship.

Even the seven most powerful vassals who served the Supreme One were no exception.
In the past, they had been called Floor Guardians, but now they were the Six Marquises who ruled the continent and the Head Butler of the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick.
Whenever they met for their regular scheduled meetings, they would always say the same thing:

“Was she taken in as Momonga’s pet because she’s a rare Vampire?”
The female demon with two horns and wings smiled as she asked, but her eyes were not smiling at all.

“That girl is actually my and Momonga-sama’s illegitimate daughter… I was just kidding, put the whip down, Aura,”
The silver-haired True Ancestor’s composure remained intact.

After shooting a dangerous glare at her friend, the person called Aura sighed tiredly. While she was boyishly dressed in a pair of white pants and a red vest, as well as a pair of leather gloves and boots, Aura was actually a girl.

Speaking in her place was a tall, tailed man wearing a red suit,

“Come to think of it, there have been sad little kings who have thirsted for noble girls they could not have. And there are rumors of great kings who have laid their hands on lowborn girls.”

“Demiurge, what are you trying to say?”

“Yup yup. I can’t believe Momonga-san would dump me in favor of that Vampire brat ~arinsu―”

“There are many examples of a girl being taken in and becoming a lover, and ultimately a queen.”

In the moment Demiurge said those words, murderous intent washed out from the two people who had spoken before him, to the point where one might have imagined that the air had frozen solid.
However, none of the other five were moved.
Their breathing was even, and they let the bloodlust wash over them or simply sat there without any reaction.
None of them was pathetic enough to be shaken by this.

In the end, someone who had not spoken until now broke the weighty silence.
He looked like a timid magic caster, but inside, he was anything but.
In truth, what he did was clear proof that their hostility was nothing to him.

“What should we do about that girl? I feel that however much Momonga-sama likes her, we cannot let her do as she pleases.”

After hearing that surprisingly forceful statement from the cross-dressed magic caster, his elder sister tilted her head as though to say, what, and then she laughed, as though to say, I see.
The magic caster boy often went to a place other than the Throne Room when he came to visit the Great Underground Tomb.
That was the massive library on the 10th Floor, called Ashurbanipal.
The newly-arrived girl, so full of questions, had been given one of the rooms there, and she engaged in data sorting and magical research with the other undead there.
The Chief Librarian Titus Annaeus Secundus had a good opinion of her, and she helped him in the production of magic items.

That was why the boy had the chance to meet the girl.
If one looked closely, one could see the boy tightly gripping the ring on his left index finger with his right hand,
The sister understood how her brother felt, and thus she decided to help resolve the situation.

“In that case, what do you think we should do, Demiurge?”

“I believe we should send a representative to judge her.”

“In that case, I’ll―”

“Let me go ~arinsu―”

“I have no intention of entrusting either of you with that task, Can I leave it to the two of you, Sebas and Cocytus?”


“I understand.”

“...I’m surprised. I thought you’d have me go.”

The man shrugged at the words of the girl who was dressed as a boy.

“Aura, I hope you and Mare will help me keep an eye on these two. Things will be difficult if they decide to strike out on their own and interfere with the interview.”

“Ah, is that so? I get, I totally get it.”

Her equipped items should have immunized her to fatigue, but she collapsed tiredly to the table anyway.


They walked along the broad and beautiful corridor, every corner of which had been neatly swept.
This was a corridor on the 10th Floor, a sacrosanct place regarded by all as the holiest of holies.
There were four people present in total, including Satoru.
Keeno was as docile as a borrowed cat.
That could not be helped, given that she was trailed by Nazarick’s strongest armed attacker and its most powerful melee fighter.
They were not in the presence of throne, so there ought to have been no problems asking questions.
Perhaps Satoru’s thoughts had reached them, but the Head Butler Sebas gently addressed the girl.

“It would seem you were absent from your quarters in the library last night, Keeno-sama. May I know where you went?”

“I was in Satoru… Momonga-sama’s room the whole time.”


What was with the mood in the air?
That said, it was true that they had been playing Pop-Up Pirate all night.

“May I know why you spent all that time in Momonga-sama’s room?”

“That’s because Momonga-sama wouldn’t let me go back halfway…”


I just didn’t want you to run off after winning, what the hell!?

Something was wrong here.

Why aren’t the two of you saying anything?

Oi, Sebas. Why were you ducking my gaze just now?

“May, may I ask what you were doing?”

May I tell him? Keeno’s eyes communicated that question to Satoru, who nodded wordlessly by way of answer.

The girl must have been bothered by how he had been losing all night.
Granted, he needed a certain amount of dignity as their master, but hiding the truth would only lead to misunderstandings.
Keeno opened her mouth and said―

“Ah, let’s see… I think it was game that involved thrusting as much as possible, up and down the body until all kinds of stuff came out, and we did it all night long.”

Keeno had succeeded in the grand endeavour of stunning the Overlord and his level 100 NPCs in place. Naturally, the two NPCs had a vastly different opinion of the girl now.


Somehow, they sorted out the misunderstanding, and Satoru and the others reached the Throne Room.

“Naturally, I understand.”

“I. Understand. Of. Course. I. Will. Keep. This. Matter. A. Secret.”

Their answers made Satoru uneasy, and he hoped that they had really sorted things out.

From now on, Cocytus would be the representative of the allied council ― things were organized so that the six of them would pick one of them to share their progress, and today was his turn ― and he would speak and consult about their control of the continent.
Sebas would be a neutral witness who would also provide support.
Keeno was an external point of view who would also act as an observer.

The maids who would be standing by the Throne under normal circumstances had taken their leave.
It was not that their loyalty was suspect, but the matters discussed here were top secret and concerned the administration of the continent.
After considering the possibilities, he felt that it was not appropriate to involve the regular maids, who had no combat power, with the proceedings.

“...Is that so, well, you’ve done well as always, Cocytus. What do you desire for a reward.”

“Anything. You. Bestow. Upon. Me. Would. Be. A Fitting. Reward. Momonga-sama. However―”

“My heir, hm. This is quite…”

Ahhh, it seems I didn’t sort the misunderstanding out after all.
Thanks to what Keeno said just now, Cocytus and the others seemed to have taken her for his mistress.
In that case, what should he do?
Should he just come clean and set the record straight about this mysterious girl’s position?
However, while he did feel affection for her, he knew that neither he nor Keeno had bodies which could sire or bear children.
If that fact was not revealed, after taking their abnormal loyalty into consideration, there was no way they would think it was Satoru’s fault.
There was no doubt that they would blame Keeno for not being able to bear offspring―

“Eh? Cocytus-san, you want Sato… Momonga-sama to have children?”

The Vampire Princess’s sunny smile and innocent, bright voice cleared away the gloom which clouded Satoru’s heart.

“Then, I’ll bear Momonga-sama’s child!”

Once more, she stunned the Overlord and the two level 100 NPCs.

For a moment, the frozen ruler (Cocytus) went stiff with shock. He turned to his master, thinking he had shown great disrespect, and saw him shaking his head to indicate his innocence.

That must be it.
It must have been a baseless exclamation, made by a young girl who knew nothing about sex, who thought that the stork brought babies or that they were found in cabbage patches and so on.
(TL Note: possibly a reference to cabbage patch kids)
A youthful maternal instinct, like treating a doll as a child.

“Then… should I use [Energy Drain] on you, Satoru?”

Keeno’s face turned red as she looked at Satoru.
This was not the face of a clueless young girl, but the happy smile of a maiden in love.
Satoru’s eyes perfectly expressed the distress in his heart.

Keeno told him about what she had seen while slumbering in the grip of [Spirit Tomb (Nazarick)].
A massive being had joined itself to her, and she felt someone writing new information in her like she was a book.
The girl who had become a Vampire Princess through a magic ritual seemed to realized that she had become something new.
Originally, Keeno had thoughtlessly accepted out of despair at not being able to stay by Satoru’s side.


Her class was now Queen Vampire.
It was a further development of the Vampire Princess class, representing how she had become a queen of Vampires.

One of its skills was called [Lady of Darkness]
It required her to [Energy Drain] herself for a loss of five levels.
In this way, the Queen could still bear descendants, even as an undead being.
By absorbing energy and using it for seed, she could make herself pregnant while still being a virgin. She would literally be a Virgin Mary, a single mother who knew no equal.

A queen could receive kisses of loyalty from many knights.
But this queen would only grant her kiss of blessing to the father of her child (her savior).
(TL Note: the term used is 吸精主, which means energy donor and is pronounced exactly like “savior” in JP)

By expending 500% of one’s experience total ― by dropping five levels ― one could create a miracle and make the impossible possible.
By draining five levels with [Energy Drain], one could bring about an otherwise impossible undead birth.
The stars would grant a wish, while the moon would nurture a child in the darkness.

―Because half the world was made of night, after all.


The Death Spiral bound negative energy into a person to make them undead, but it was a magic ritual which had been created through a misunderstanding.

You’re not an untalented person like Climb. Climb, you shouldn’t be fixated on trying to grasp the stars.”

“...but after you become undead, your mind often twists to go with it. When once you only acted to fulfill a passionate dream...

The young girl who had been granted the baptismal name of “Fasris” by the Slaine Theocracy, as well as the other celebrants, wanted to find a way to perfect it
[Death Spiral] was the name of a flawed magic ritual.
The name of the true ritual was―


“Since I’ve only been draining you all this time, is it really our child, Satoru!?”

After seeing his silence, Keeno frantically explained herself.
She had been too panicked and had forgotten to call him “Momonga-sama”, instead reverting to “Satoru”.
Sebas and Cocytus saw her in a different light.
By using the true name of their nigh-divine master ― it indicated that the girl’s words were true.

Incidentally, there was the matter of the Vampiric bloodlust.

After that, a rumor spread through the Homunculi working in the Great Underground Tomb; in other words, the regular maids. That rumor said that, “If you kiss a man, you’ll have a child.”

“Ah, it’s true, you know? All you need is to make contact with the mucous membranes of a member of the opposite sex.”

The wolf boy… ah, no, the sweet words of the wolf priestess hastened the spread of that message.
(TL Note: Might be referring to the boy who cried wolf, though it’s clearly Lupu)

“Congratulations. Momonga-sama!”

It was as though he were the one experiencing this joyous event ― or rather, it was because the realization of his dream to be the Young Master’s protector was close at hand, and so Cocytus raised his voice in celebration.
Sebas’s felicitations followed soon after.
Satoru responded to the two of them by raising his right hand silently.
The shock was so great that it did not feel real to him.

Satoru had no idea what sort of future awaited him.
He would not have acquaintances or friends.
He would have a family; something which he had not had for a long time.
Satoru’s world had changed completely, and he would have to bear its burden on his shoulders.
The girl with a warm, sun-like smile now carried a child of darkness within her.
Day and night ― the two halves of the world stood before Satoru’s eyes.

“Is there anything you want?”

He was grateful for his emotion override as he waited for the girl to think of an answer.
After some contemplation, determination hardened in the girl’s eyes.

“Well, it’s not like I want anything, but I have a request―”

There was something here which she would never give up on.
Keeno spoke to Satoru in a forceful tone.

“I want to pick the child’s name!”

And here he was, thinking she would say, “You have to let me bear it!” That was already something she had decided in her heart.
Satoru did not notice it, but he smiled.
The Guardian and the Head Butler sensed their master’s joy in his cheery laugh, and they narrowed their eyes.

Keeno Fasris Inberun.
The journey she and Satoru would embark on next would be called a honeymoon.
Or perhaps they would take a little princess with them on a trip for three.
It would seem Keeno’s Journey would continue for a while more.

                  ~ Fin ~


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